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Getting Started [1/3]
Getting Started [1/3]

Lets start with a scavenger hunt!


Welcome to Painted Relics!

Here is a small set of quests that will help you find your way around the site and everything that the site entails!
By completing this prompt, it will unlock another starter quest for you to complete. This works as essentially your tutorial for playing the game.

You can only complete these starting quests once.

To fulfill this first quest, take this crossword puzzle HERE, fill it out, and submit a link of it filled out back to us!
My recommendation is to use google drive, or similar site that will allow you to upload your image to link it to this prompt.

Please DO NOT share your answers with other users.

Please note! answer 10 is incorrect now due to a bug! The answer to fill in there is Eighteen.

This allows for everyone to learn to find things on the site!


Reward Amount
Mysterious Seed 1
Shards 25
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