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Whispers In Secret (Story pt. 1)
Whispers In Secret (Story pt. 1)

This is only the beginning


This quest does not require a location for your character to participate!

This is a legacy quest! This means this was a previous part of the ongoing story of Painted Relics so while what your characters do in this part of the story dont affect the next chapter, you can still participate to gain some previous rewards, and to place your character into kyvalores story.

 While going about your busy day, your eyes catch something among the street. Nothing seemed particularly interesting about it, and if you were being honest, it looked like a scrap of paper that was tossed aside intended for the trash, and yet.. You reach for it. Feel it on your paws and glance over it. Strange markings and runes decorate the page that you’ve seen only on ancient relics, but not any known language to any living Kyvalorian you know.
Something about it feels… enticing. Like a strange invitation that speaks to the deepest parts of your soul. A desire to know what it says, understand it, speak it…
A whisper enters your mind, a callous tone about it. A feeling of dread overwhelms you. Something about this magic that pulses from the scrap you now hold feels wrong, tainted somehow. The parchment is speaking to you in words you cannot understand, it’s voice harsh, crackling, and growling. Words that cannot be translated and yet you feel that if you listen long enough you’ll be able to decipher at least the meaning of the words.

Draw or write about your character finding this strange parchment. How do they react?

Listen to the Words
Destroy the Parchment
Turn in the Parchment to a City Leader or Official

Drawing Requirements:
A fullbody character and an advanced background

Writing Requirements:
1500 words

Please submit it with standard shard breakdown for your work in the comments.


Reward Amount
Shards 25
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