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A Past Best Left Buried


A tropical island, full of black sand beaches perfect for lounging on those hot, sunny days! The travel advertisement's aren't wrong, per se, about the town of Keldeep, just very selective in their wording. The island of Hellmouth is indeed very hot, and ringed by black sand beaches. The heat does not come from the sun, however, which is only able to show itself a minority of the year. Much too often is it hidden by the smoldering rage of the active volcano at the center of the island, for which it is named. Hellmouth does not have the traditional fury of a stereotypical volcano. Instead it is a slow burn where lava flows quietly but constantly, like the nose of a youth sick with a cold. Keldeep's location near the southwestern shore keeps it safe from the rivers and tunnels of churning lava. Whether this is purely luck or a conscious choice of the city's original founders is unclear.

The ambient heat surrounding Keldeep cannot be understated. It is an intensely humid heat that requires much perseverance and exposure to tolerate. Sulfuric smog is almost constantly floating down from Hellmouth's peak, greatly reducing visibility for any who have to travel outside the city's walls. For those born and raised in Keldeep, it is simply the way of life, and so persevere you must. For those who visit or migrate to the island, it is a battle and a struggle every day to acclimate to the volcano's aura.

You are one of those people, here by birth or by choice. Through dusty dirt and cobbled roads you make your way through the fortified city, made so more for protection from the lava instead of any fear of assault. Many safeguards have been put in place to stop or redirect the lava flows, should they come. Thankfully, none of these measures have needed to be tested yet. The buildings around you are squat and sturdy, mostly built from blocks of wood harvested from Keldeep's fireproof forests, as well as stones and even metals. Anywhere metals have been used locally cultivated fabrics have been stretched across them, thick and protective against any burns.

The great bells at the eastern gate begin to toll. Once, twice. Friends return! A party of miners come back from a successful shift in the obsidian tunnels at Hellmouth's base. Faces and gear covered in a layer of smog residue, this particular party has a different air around them. Normally such a crew returns slow and tired from the days toils, as one would expect. This time their steps are more animated. At a longer look, they seem more guarded, more wary. You have enough time to start wondering why when a wave washed over your mind, shivering through your body. You were filled with a sense of concern and malice and dread. It reverberated through your very mana. Looking around, you weren't the only one either.

You join the gathering commotion around the mining party, and see a larger voxibell holding up a small item in the air in front of them, sigil burning bright as they magically lift the object away from themselves. It appeared to be an ornate bell, carved from a light blue stone. It's handle ends in a series of dangerous claws extending outward.

Before you realized you gaze too long at the artifact your vision went dark, and Keldeep dropped away from you. Dark tidings came to you then, and the wave of dread and malice you felt before finally dropped on top of you.


What did your character see or experience in this vision? How do they react coming out of the vision and what do they plan to do with the knowedge they have gained?


This is part of a location questline!

Location questlines put your character directly into a story of that location. While the story is directed with each prompt, you still have different ways to address the situation!  Each part of the questline will unlock the next part for you to continue on your adventure! Be warned though, there may be dangers ahead so your kyvalorian better be prepared for the journey(and stat checks!).

Each step of the quest will reward you with bonus rewards, some of them exclusive to that questline. Once the questline is completed your character will earn a special badge showing it!

Your character must be in the location for your quest to be accepted.

Minimum Drawing Requirements:
1 fullbody character and an advanced background.
Minimum Writing Requirements:
1200 words

Please submit it with standard shard breakdown for your work.



Reward Amount
Keldeep Foraging 2
User EXP 25
Character EXP 25
A Past Unearthed
Category: Keldeep
This prompt requires you to have completed A Past Best Left Buried 1 time.

You cannot view any details until you have completed the prerequisite.

The Flames of Study

Fire, ash and books oh my!


Autumn barely touches the fierce heat of Keldeep, but the change in weather brings new winds to the island, blowing smoke and embers across the landscape. The volcano has been restless, spouting great gouts of lava that becomes black rock as it cools. Researchers have watched day and night, trying to determine a pattern, a cause, anything that might indicate why the volcano has been so active.


Draw or write about your character taking part in these research endeavors! Are they at the front, dodging globs of molten lava? Are they picking up fresh rocks for study? Or maybe they’re making sure all the tools are clean and ready for use? Do they have any theories as to why hellmouth’s activity seems to be rising?


Drawing Requirements:

A partial body character and a basic background


Writing Requirements:

650 words minimum


Reward Amount
User EXP 10
Character EXP 10
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