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The Sands Do Whisper
The Sands Do Whisper


A rumor has been billowing through the markets of Vitrun like a welcome breeze. Merchants and caravans alike trade information like coin (shards?). It’s always valuable to be in the know. Perhaps you caught wind of the rumor yourself, or perhaps you were ignorant of it until Novir called you to Fighter’s Guild. The messenger assured you that the matter was urgent. It wouldn’t do to delay!

Outside the glass city, the guildmaster lends credibility to the rumor causing a whirlwind within the city. They say there’s an old ruin out in the desert, lost to time. But it doesn’t have to be. The ancient knowledge and treasures held inside its walls, should it stand, would be invaluable. The journey will be perilous, but Novir believes you have what it takes. It wouldn’t hurt to hire a couple of extra swords for the trek– whether your notoriety is earned or your name is unknown, those who only have their ego as a shield wind up buried beneath the sands.

The desert is a cruel and unforgiving place. You’re warned that you’ll need a great many things to make the trip as safe as possible. You’re also warned that no matter how safe you may feel, the dunes around Vitrun are dangerous. It’s best to be prepared. The market has everything you could hope for if you have the funds. You’ll need a sizable amount of water and food, more should you bring others with you. Water alone can not protect you from the baking sun or the things that lurk beneath the sand– you’ll need gear too. The grit you’ll have to provide yourself.

Traversing the Whispering Sands on foot is a death sentence. You’ll also need to procure a sand sled and a team of skitters to give you and your team the best chance of making it to the ruin, should it exist, alive. If you have no skitters of your own or lack experience, a handler may be needed.

Thankfully the merchants of Vitrun have all this and more, though navigating the market and stocking for this perilous task have fallen to you. Take Novir’s advice to heart and try not to get distracted by peddlers hawking their wares. You have a mission, but you’re not the only one.

The rumor has been circulating for days. You better get moving if you want to find the ruins first!


Draw or write about your character preparing to venture out into the Whispering Sands. Do they believe the rumor that’s been going around? Do they take Novir’s warnings seriously and prepare adequately, or do they approach getting ready their own way?

This is part of a location questline!

Location questlines put your character directly into a story of that location. While the story is directed with each prompt, you still have different ways to address the situation!  Each part of the questline will unlock the next part for you to continue on your adventure!

Each step of the quest will reward you with bonus rewards, some of them exclusive to that questline. Once the questline is completed your character will earn a special badge showing it!

Your character must be in the location for your quest to be accepted.



Reward Amount
Vitrun Foraging 2
User EXP 25
Character EXP 25
A Perilous Passage
Category: Vitrun
This prompt requires you to have completed The Sands Do Whisper 1 time.

You cannot view any details until you have completed the prerequisite.

Autumnal Makeover


Even though Vitrun doesn't experience quite the same climate shifts as the other cities, its inhabitants still enjoy the act of dressing up for the season. Under the colourful, shimmering glass panels shrouded in canvas, all kinds of fashions take root; from heavy knit cloaks to lighter, more airy ensembles all in appropriate autumn colours, there's something for everyone.


Draw or write about your character changing up their look in time for autumn.


Drawing Requirements:
A partial body character and a basic background

Writing Requirements:
650 words minimum


Reward Amount
User EXP 10
Character EXP 10
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