[Closed] Mystic Reef - Mod Sale

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Auction: Avilli-082[Closed]
Design: Sadbloom ・ Art: Sadbloom
Starting Bid: $50
Minimum Increment: $5
Autobuy: $150


Summer isn't quite over yet and this aquarian avilli is here to help bring a joyous end the warmest season in Kyvalore.

Mystic Reef

An avilli that dances through the water as easily as others soar through the air. Their colorful markings make the best camouflage to hide amongst the coral reefs of the sea for the best aquatic life watching spots. Maybe if you're friendly they'll show you some of their secret areas!

Starting Bid: 50 USD
Autobuy 150 USD

Sale ends 48 hours after the last bid! ♥



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Bid here for Mystic Reef! <3

Starting Bid: 50 USD
Autobuy 150 USD

2022-08-27 12:16:13

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2022-08-27 12:17:10

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2022-08-27 15:20:49

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