Frequently Asked Questions

What is Painted Relics?

Painted Relics is a closed species APRG set in the world of Kyvalore and its inhabitants created by Wisparia. The game is played by creating either visual or written art to participate and advance in levels, stats, and create a collaborative story with the community.

In Painted Relics, the story of the world will change based on the decisions and actions of the players in events and story quests. Turning in artwork redeems points and sometimes special items through quests! It can be a little overwhelming at first, but we are here to help guide you through and answer any questions you may have.

What is an ARPG?

ARPG stands for Art Roleplaying Game!

It is a progression based game where you gain that progression by creating both visual and written works of art that tell a story within the world of the game using characters that exist only in this world.

Think of it like a collectible card game, in which you get to collect ones that are unique to you and adjusted to your personal tastes. If you decide you don't like that character, you can trade it, or work on earning things that let you change it. Once you own a character you are able to then take that character and tell it's story through creative art as the story of the game progresses.

What is a closed species?

A closed species is a term that refers to a made up species with lore, traits, and otherwise unique aspects that is made with the idea that only the artist, and those that the artist has given permission to, can create. By creating a closed species community, it is a community built around the closed species in which you have to have a character of that closed species to play.

What are shards and how do I earn them?
Shards are the main currency of Painted Relics. Shards can be earned through group participation by submitting quests, joining in on site games and events, or even purchasing them from the cash shop.

What is a myo?

MYO stands for Make Your Own! This means it is a character slot where you have to design the character yourself, or commission someone else to design them, them submit it on the site for approval.

Who can I commission to design my character?

You are welcome to commission anyone to design your character, but keep in mind that the design has to adhere to the traits and species rules just like anyone else. If the commissioned character design does not fit in with the rules of the species, or you do not have the trait items to redeem for the character, you will not be able to have the character officially added and approved.

I have a character design from another character. Can I make a Painted Relics version of it?

Yes! You are welcome to make Painted Relic forms for your characters as long as you keep the characters together when trading. This is to prevent future issues with accusations of design theft.
If it is a character that exists in another closed species, please make sure that you adhere to their ToS as well.


What falls under PG-13 for what I can and cannot include?

Absolutely no NSFW art or writing is allowed. Minor gore such as blood, blood dripping, wounds is allowed, while larger scale gore is not. If you are not sure about something ask or lean on the side of caution. We want this to be a safe space for all players of all ages and comfort levels.

Can I make a character based off of a copyrighted character?

If you do not own the character, you cannot make a character that is basd of it. Fanart characters are not allowed in any form due to copyright laws and property protection.

Can I sell my character?

If you have purchased your character for USD, you may sell it for up to that value + the value of art that you have commissioned for them.
The character's pages will list whether they are sellable or not.

How do I trade or gift items?

There are two ways to trade items! One way is by going to your inventory, selecting the item you are wanting to trade, click transfer item, select the user you are sending the item to, and click the transfer button! This is also how you would gift items to another user.

The other method of trading items is a 2 step confirming process. This is more reliable if you are trading items of higher worth with people you are not as familiar with.
To complete a trade, click on submit on the navbar next to your username, and click submit trade.

This will bring you to a page where it will display your current trades, pending trades, and completed trades. Click new trade to create a new trade.

On this screen, select the user you are sending the trade request to on the dropdown!

From there you can add in characters, items, and currency to offer on the trade. Make sure you double check the amount of items your are offering. Once you are done with your trade offer, hit send.
this is how the trade will look when you have sent it, but the other use has not added their half of the trade.
Once the other user has received the trade, and added items to make it offer, you can veiw it. If the trade looks good, you'll need to hit confirm, as will the other user.

Once you both have agreed that the trade is good and fair, you'll get another confirm button!

This should tradelock it so they cannot edit their offer. Once you both hit the second confirm, the trade is completed and you both will ahve traded items or characters.

Can I trade badges?

No. Badges are account locked as they are essentially achievements that people have earned through participation. All character badges should be wiped when transferring to a new owner.

Can I take commissions for shards?


Do I have to spend money to participate?

You do not! Once you have a Painted Relics character, you can enjoy all aspects of the game and earn items and rewards through submitting quests, events, and general participation.

To obtain a character without spending money, you can keep an eye out for free raffles, myo giveaways, and trades. Otherwise if you are okay with spending money and purchasing a character you can watch out for character flatsales, auctions, or purchase a myo slot from the cash shop.

Once you have a character and an account on the site, you are able to fully participate in the game.

What are pets and what do they do?

Pets are a collectible item in the game! Most pets are only found in certain areas, so you will have to trade and travel to be able to collect different kinds.

Pets can also have unique names and be given to characters to display in their profiles.

How do I obtain ‘x’ item?

To find out how to obtain an item, go the item encyclopedia! You’ll find drop locations and info on that item hinting at where you might need to hunt to discover it.

What are locations and what do they do?

Locations are an important part of Painted Relics. Most quests will rely on what location your character is in, and that will also define the loot that you are able to obtain from those locations. Each location has a set of items that can be found in that location. When completing quests that relate to that location, you will receive a random item from that locations pool.

What is a focus character code and why do I need it?

A character code is the code unique to your character, such as avilli-001, or voxi-020, These codes are what the site uses to take that character's information in! A focus character code is used on quests to take in that code and reward that character with character specific items like stat points and experience.

What are stats and experience  and what do they do?

Stats and experience information can be found on the Levels & Stats page of the guidebook.

Can I change my characters design?

You can to a point! When changing a character design, they do have to still be recognized as that character. If it’s small changes like eye color, some marking simplifications or a slight color adjustment within the same color family, then you are free to d so and submit and design update. If it is a larger change, you must purchase a design change potion.

How do I use a trait potion?

Submit a design change with your character and make sure you attach the item you are using, tell us the trait you are changing it to, and add the new image that reflects the changes! A mod will approve it at their earliest chance.

How do I contact a mod?

Currently there is no private messaging on the Painted Relics site itself, so the best way to reach us is through the community discord. If you have a general question that isn’t answered here, ask in the help chat! If its something more private, feel free to reach out to Wisparia or Sadbloom privately and we will be happy to help! The secret word is Sundrop.

How do I submit to the gallery? What do I get for submitting to the gallery?

Submitting to the gallery does not redeem you any additional rewards, but you can use the gallery to submit your art to, and then use the link to your gallery entry for quests!
To submit to the gallery, click on gallery on the navbar. Then the plus symbol that appears on the upper righthand corner of the section you want to submit to.
chrome_CoVSGNyNUB.pngFrom here, you can fill out your submission information! Make sure you add all the characters featured in the submission so it can appear in your character's personal gallery for viewing!

Once you’ve done that, hit the submit button in the bottom right corner. This will send it to the mod team to look over to make sure it’s in the right category! All done!

How do I submit a Quest?

To submit a quest, complete the tasks given by a quests requirements. You can find the quest requirements on the quests listing! And the shard breakdown that you have to list can be found in the ARPG guidebook.
To submit the quest, click on submit quest on the navbar.chrome_P0ER7NgXVO.png
This will bring you to the quest submission page! Go ahead and select the quest you are turning in from the dropdown.chrome_2hxq9a2WgT.png
Next is the reward section. This is for letting the mods know how many shards you should be redeeming for your prompt! You can refer to how many shards you’ll get by looking at the ARPG Guidebook under Shard Redemption! Please also write out the shard breakdown in the comments so we can see what you are scoring. This helps mods get to submissions faster!chrome_xwyHQyxywJ.png
Next is the characters that are included in your submission. You’ll need to input the character codes of these character. The character codes is the character’s numbers that are listed on their profiles and on the masterlist such as avilli-001.Focus character’s will NOT bring up a preview of the character.chrome_OiZyqcAKDl.png

A focus character is the main subject of the quest. This is a character that YOU wn and are completing the quest for. This is how that character will get their rewards like experience and stat points.chrome_9JKZLZ8nWi.pngThen you have the other character. These are the characters that are not the main subject, but are still included in the prompt. These will show you a preview when entered correctly.

Then if your prompt requires you to add on any items or currency from your inventory, you can add them on! Once everything is done, hit submit! A mod will approve your prompt when they can and your rewards will be added to your inventory.

How do I use a consumable item that isn't a character design change?

Items that aren't design update items and are consumable for health or mana healing can be used through claims! There’s currently no way to manually heal, so a mod has to process it for you. I am working on writing code that will do this automatically though! To submit an item use through claims, go to the submit a claim button on the navbar.
This will bring you to the claims page! In the comments, let us know what you are doing with that item just so we can be sure. In this example, I’m consuming mushroom soup to heal a character’s HP.

Then, make sure you attach a character to the claim. This lets the mod know which character they are applying the change to!
Now to attach your item you have to click on show inventory, and then select the item you are using. Or in some cases, the multitude of items you are using.
Once thats done, hit submit! It’ll go into the mods queue of tasks to handle and it will notify you when it’s been processed!

How do I craft something?

If you have a recipe to craft, go to the nav bar, and under play, will be a button that says crafting! This will list your recipes, and the free recipes that you can craft. From there you can make new items.
Go ahead and click on the recipe you want to craft, and it’ll bring up a menu of the needed items of the recipe, and what you’ll gain from it.Now just like you do in other submissions, you have to select the items you’d like to use. Make sure you have the correct items, and the correct number of items. You cannot reverse a craft if you accidentally use an item you wanted to hold onto!
Once thats, dont, go ahead and hit craft! Your new crafted item will be automatically added to your inventory.

Where do I get more crafting materials?

Most crafting materials will be found on quests! A lot of quests will give you a chance to find extra items as well.