Character Classes

Water Mage

Proficiency in the ebb and flow of this branch of magic opens the user up to many interesting and creative abilities. As the name insists you become able to control water in almost all of it's non-solid forms. You can push and pull at water sources, draining pools or moving the course of streams and small rivers. You can purify water by separating it from it's pollutants, or by pulling excess water from the earth. You even can have a say in the weather, by calling upon the clouds to dump their payloads if enough moisture is in the air for you to manipulate. Abilities like this can literally save your life, as you have a much easier time staying hydrated while traversing dry environments than your fellows, or rescue yourself or others from a watery demise. Like the water you control, you gain a fluid, flexible and surprisingly strong set of powers and abilities to help shape the world.

Spirit Mage

Reach into the deepest depths of self, and reveal the mysteries that lie within. Spirit magic is magic of the soul, and the echo that a life leaves. Reaching into the world beyond, through a portal of your own soul, you can commune with the spirits of those who came before, and those who exist now, but beyond the known world. In communing with these spirits you can convince them to send messages to others, whispers in their mind that nothing can trace. Consulting with these spirits can also give one a sense of the future, a telling of fortunes and casting of runes that can give a hint of trials and joys that lay ahead. Lastly, steeping your soul into the realm of spirits gives you a small reverberation of warning of things to come. A sense of doom approaching echos within you much more easily than others.

Shadow Mage

Opposite of light magic, shadow magic is control over that which lurks in the dark places of Kyvalore. Darkness is your ally and your strength, and those who do not wish to be found can ensure that is so. You can push away the light like a shield pushes away a blade, growing a field of black in which to slip unseen. You can not only manipulate the shadows, but become the shadow itself, swimming from one to the next, twisting and pushing them as needed to your whim. This discipline is a more defensive discipline than some of the other schools, for what you lack in a punch is made up by control. It is a discipline of misdirection, where you control the field and ensure the situation always remains in your favor.

Light Mage

The light of a distant star is what allows life to flourish. It brings light to the dark, warmth to the cold. By following this discipline of magic, that power can also be yours. Not only can you use your mana to produce your own light and heat, but you can manipulate it around you as well. You can part the clouds in the sky, and allow the light in, helping the plants to grow and stop the downpouring storm. You can pass your inner light onto the objects around you, letting them glow on their own accord. You can even use the power of the light to tend to wounds, and heal yourself and others. Alone, you can heal minor wounds with this power, but together multiple Light users can heal even serious and potentially deadly injuries. With the power of light magic, you can be the literal life and light of the party.

Fire Mage

Fire is warmth. The beacon of safety. The destructive inferno. The protection against the dying of the light. Harnessing it's magic, all of this is open to you. Naturally, you gain the ability to strike a flame with nothing but your mana. Your powers, properly trained, gives you control over this flame's size and intensity to a point. It does not, however, grant you protection from it's burning energy. You can use this fire for any purpose you can dream of, including cooking, glass making, as a light source, and even against those who would do you harm. Out of all the schools of magic, Fire magic has the most offensive potential, but it is a double-edged sword. It is a dangerous and wild magic where even the smallest lapse in attention can cause your creation to spiral out of control.

Earth Mage

Harnessing the magic of the earth is not only about hearing through the dirt and clay and stone of Kyvalore. It is not only about sensing the movement of others, or the tremors of seismic activity, or even moving those rocks around you. Learning earth magic also gives you a connection to the flora around you, whose roots grow in your soil. Attune yourself enough in the way of the earth, and you can call to the plants around you, and they can answer you back, in their way. They can call to you, and also cry to you if they are hurt or dying. Learn their ways, and you can help them grow and regrow, sometimes bringing them to bloom in but an instant. Earth magic is much more nuanced and empathetic than some would have you believe. It is more than simply ripping stones in the air with your paws, it is also the magic of nature

Arcane Mage

Arcane magic is the magic of the mind, the magic binding all living things in Kyvalore. It allows your mind to leave your physical coil, to travel independent and peer into the mind of others. You can read the innermost thoughts of those you come across, and can even enter their dreams, should you catch them asleep. Even inhabiting your own body you can talk to someone directly through the mind, and two practitioners of the arcane can have full conversations in the largest of crowds without anyone realizing. There have been a few powerful mages, over the centuries, who have been said to even control the actions of others with the mind. A less magical boon of arcane magic is the large amount of researchers it tends to attract, and the research that comes along with it. For one looking for good knowledge on any subject, a university of the arcane is a precious resource.

Air Mage

Air magic gives you partial dominion over the skies above as well as the winds that blow around all of Kyvalore. Pushing the air around you can boost your speed, cushion your steps from making any sound, and even create small tornadoes and gusts so hard and fast it can cut through flesh. Most ships will refuse to leave port without an air magic user aboard, for through them the wind will always be at your back and your journey swift. Voxibells can harness the flow of air around them to jump incredible heights and lengths in a single bound. Avilli, with their wings, can use the same technique in order to soar massive lengths with amazing ease, saving them the physical demand through their mana. As a user of air magic, you become as light as a feather, but can still sting when you need to.
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