MYO Guide

ACQuiring the SLOT


Got a MYO ticket and aren't sure how to start? We're here to help!
If you don't have the ticket yet, you can purchase one from the General Store for shards, trade for one, or purchase in the Cash Shop for USD.

First, you need to open the ticket! This will attach it to your account so you can submit your character's design.
Head over to your inventory where the ticket is, and click on it.

Make sure you have the checkbox ticked so the site knows which one you are using! This is just in case you have multiple.

Once you open it, it automatically gets added to your MYO slots!
To find that, head back over to your profile.
On the lefthand side on the sidebar, there should be a section that says MYO SLOTS, click on that!

 From here it should show you that your MYO slot is there! Congrats, you now have a MYO slot to use!



On standard, all MYO slots are COMMON. This means that you can use only common traits for the character unless you purchase items that would allow you to acquire traits of a higher rarity.

If you aren't sure which traits you can use, you can look through the encyclopedia here.

This will give you the option to look at the traits either by species, by all traits, or by the trait category. Trait categories are split up by what part the trait is for, such as ears, tails, eyes, etc.
Please keep in mind if you look up traits by the visual trait guides on the species it will currently ONLY show the traits exclusive to that species, not all the traits that are available. We arecurrently working on a fix for that to hopefully make viewing traits even easier, but unfortunately do not have a time estimate of when that will be!

If there's a trait of a higher rarity that you want, don't worry! You can always purchase the item that will allow you to use the traits from the Potions & Elixirs Shop to submit with your design, or you can always upgrade them later!

At any time you can submit a design update on your characters in order to update their traits, masterlist art, or design!

If there's a trait that you want that isn't listed, you can suggest it in the #suggestions channel on Discord!.
There's a ton of traits we have planned for future events and updates, but if there's always a chance we haven't thought of something and would love to hear what YOU want to see in the game! It won't always mean that it will be added to the game due to not fitting into the overarching goals of Painted Relics, but we promise that we will always take your suggestions and thoughts into account.

Once you've sorted out which traits you'd like the use, you can create your design! The character you design and its traits must resemble the traits listed on the site. It's crucial to the clarity of the ARPG as a whole to have traits be clearly represented.

If you don't wish to make your design yourself, you are always welcome to commission another artist to design it for you!

Keep in mind that they must still adhere to the rules and guidelines of the species, and if the design is rejected for any reason it is your responsibility to work with the artist to create something that will fit into Painted Relics guidelines.

We are not held responsible for commissioned work that does not follow the traits and guides close enough to work for your MYO.

If you're stuck on a design and want some feedback, or simply excited about a design you are working on, you are always welcome to share your progress in the #works-in-progress channel on Discord!






There are future plans for some traits that will allow you use these at a later date! This means for the time being there are NOT allowed to look like these traits in order to avoid confusion and future trait conflicts. 

  • Metallic Markings (this is any marking that might look metallic, with the exception of manabone)
  • Glowing Markings
  • Colored Sclera





Finished designing? It's time to submit it!

Head back over to your profile and click MYO Slots on the left sidebar!

This will bring you to a page with all of your slots! Go ahead and click on the one you want to use.

This will bring you to a page with the basics of the slot laid out. On the left side, there is a 'submit MYO DESIGN' button, click that!

This will bring you to a page to create the request! When you're ready to start, click 'Create Request' on the bottom right-hand corner.

This starts your process of entering in all the valuable information you need!
Each tab at the top represents steps that you need to take to submit your MYO design.
You'll need to go through each step and fill it out. Even if you don't write any comments, you'll need to hit save so it can confirm that you don't need the comment section!

STATUS - lists what the current status of the slot is. In our case right now, it's a draft!
COMMENTS - These are comments that you can leave for the staff to see when they look over your design. If there's something you want us to note on the design or say to the staff approving your design, you can add here it!

MASTERLIST IMAGE - This is where you add your character's image and list out the image credits. To add the image, click on choose file. This will let you load an image from your device onto the site. This will then pull up an image cropper. The image that you crop should be over the face of your character. This is what shows up in the masterlist for browsing the existing characters!
If it's you that created the design, or another member of the community, find their name on the dropdown. If it's someone outside the Painted Relics site, please add a link to them! This makes sure that everyone is given proper credit for their hard work.

ADD ONS - This is what you'll use if you need to attach an item to get a rarer trait with! If your design has a rarer trait, be sure to add the needed items to acquire that trait!

TRAITS - One of the most important parts of this process! This is where you add all the traits of your character, and their subtype if they have one.
To add a trait, click the 'Add Trait' button! This will give you a dropdown with selectable traits. You can click through and add the traits that you need. If your trait has a modification of some kind that you want to apply, such as a length modifier, please add that in the extra info section of the trait.

Make sure you add ALL the traits of your character. If a trait is missed, your submission will be declined so you can fix it later.


Once everything is filled out, all the tabs should have a green circle.
Head back over to the status tab, and you can now submit the design!

Once that's submitted it gets added into the queue. We will get to reviewing your submission as soon as we can. We'll let you know if there's a problem with the design, or if it's good, it will be added to the site!