Traveler's Guide

    Rhea the avilli
Hello, I'm Rhea, and I'm here to tell you about traveling and making your way around. Kyvalore is truly mimassive and there is SO much to go out and explore!

There are currently two ways to travel in Kyvalore, either by completing a traveling quest, or by using a traveler's token to hire a caravan to take you a nearby location. Currently traveler's tokens can only take you to an adjacent location, but I heard a rumor that there might be tokens that can take you even further that the caravan guild is considering accepting someday!

When completing a traveling prompt, you draw or write about traveling to the next location. There's SO much that could happen in that journey. Do you meet a monster? Find treasure? Get stuck in the weather? Find that the trip was overwhelmingly perfect and wondering what all the fuss was about?

        For these quests to count, please make sure you are sticking to world relating lore! If you're traveling out of the snowy mountains surrounding Durmur, you'll probably find snow. Or if you're entering Hellmouth island, things are going to get hot!

When you submit your prompt, you'll be rewarded the standard shard amount for your entry, but also a mod will reward you with something you may have gained on your journey! There's all sorts of plants and resources you can find along the way. Be aware though, sometimes your character will take damage along the way. If they do, you'll know when your entry gets approved and in the comments of that entry, the mod will let you know if your character took damage! You can always use food to heal right back up though!

If you don't feel like traveling like a true adventurer, you can always hire a caravan though! These tokens that you can earn through quests will allow you to hire a caravan to take you to a nearby location. You can earn these tokens as some quest rewards, or buy them from the shops!

To use a Traveler's Token, click on submit on the navbar, and click on submit claim. 
Make sure you add in all the necessary information like adding in your character that you are moving, attach the item you are using (or more then one token if you are using more then one) and in the comments add what location you are at, and which one you are moving to! The caravan will then be able to automatically move you to your new location, without you having to go through a long journey. Nice right?

That should cover the basics! I travel a lot so maybe I'll see you around sometime!
Good luck out there!