New Adventurer Guide

What is Painted Relics?

Painted Relics is an Art Roleplaying Game (ARPG) featuring adventuring, companions, and story quests. Take control of your own colourful cast of characters and develop them through a series of quests and activities, affecting not only their own progression as individuals, but the story of the game as a whole! Earn items to change their appearance, gain stat points to improve their skills, and help write the story of Kyvalore via the myriad of quests available.

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Acquiring A Character

You begin your journey by acquiring your first character! This can be done in a number of ways:

Characters are the central focus of Painted Relics; you will spend most of your time developing them, leveling them, and making them stronger. As their story progresses, so will their skills and (hopefully!) their connections to other characters.

You can read more about designing a character here!


You’ll be spending most of your time in Kyvalore completing quests! You can access these via the Questboard.

You can get a variety of rewards from quests, from items and shards to valuable XP and stat points that you can use to advance your character. Quest prompts are divided into categories; click details on the Questboard listing to see what each category is about.

To get started in Kyvalore, there’s a few recommended quests to get your character started;

  • New Adventurer Quests will get you used to navigating the site and submitting things. We highly recommend you start here, especially if this is your first time using an ARPG site!
  • Where I Belong will set the location for your character; this is a crucial starting quest for each character, but if you arent feeling like the quest, you can set your characters home automatically via a Home Token if you prefer!
  • Bonding With Magic is a special questline that bestows control over mana to your character, which can be crucial for some prompts. See Magic for more details.

Of course, you may pursue whatever quests you like! Some of the categories include;

  • Seasonal Questing: great for your all-round quest needs. Every quarter, you’ll find a new set of quests, and it’s also the home of our General Claims prompt, where you can redeem any Painted Relics-related work that doesn't fit a quest prompt for shards!
  • Event Quests: these run at certain times of the year, and will net you neat rewards from limited trait potions to special pets.
  • Story Quests: change the course of the world and make your mark! Each story quest leaves you with a choice to make, and the choice that the majority of users make will guide the next part of the story.
  • Legacy Quests: relive the events of Kyvalore’s story and earn prior rewards, though it won’t affect the current progress.
  • City-Specific Quests; require your character to be in a certain location, and provide location-specific loot. 


Mana is Kyvalore's source of magic. Each Kyvalorian has their own way of channeling mana; you’ll need to train them to unlock their full potential!

In order to train your character in the art of manipulating mana, you must complete the Bonding With Magic questline. Each quest in this five-part series will unlock after you’ve completed the prerequisite. To start your training, your character must:

You can only pursue one magic class per Kyvalorian, so choose carefully!

You can read more about magic here!

Earning Currency

Earning currency is crucial in Kyvalore. It enables you to purchase a wide variety of materials or pets, and sometimes is necessary to get certain event-specific items. You can view all currencies here.

Shards are the universal currency in Kyvalore. The main method for earning it is through doing quests and submitting art or writing. The more you participate in the group, the more shards you can earn!

You can read more about calculating currency here!


Trading can be a great way to build bonds with other players and make that filling out that collection a little easier on yourself! If you find yourself with too many of one thing, but not enough of another, you can always advertise trades.

This is most commonly initiated in the Discord server’s trading channels. Active trade listings will be visible on the site here. Though you can trade almost anything, there are some exceptions;

  • You will not be able to trade account-bound items in any way.
  • You can trade items, currency, or characters through the built in Submit Trade option on the site.
  • You cannot use that option to trade pets or gear at this time; you must transfer them directly out of your inventory.

Though you can trade things directly out of your inventory, we suggest using the Submit Trade option on the site to keep things secure and logged! You will get many opportunities to confirm that you’re happy with your offerings during the process, keeping both parties safe and happy with the result.

If you prefer, you can also just set an active Trade Listing on the website. Simply use the New Trade Listing button to set one up! This will display what you’re seeking or offering, but it doesn’t interact directly with the trade system.


Kyvalore is filled to the brim with colourful creatures you can acquire as your companions! Some of these are event exclusive, but most are available all year round.

There are a few ways of acquiring pets;

  • Buying them from Athalie's Pet Store, either as an egg, which will hatch into one of the colorations of that pet, or by purchasing a specific pet.
  • Using Pet Bait (available at Athalie's Pet Store) in prompts to guarantee the chance of a pet.
  • Completing certain event quests that will reward the related pet.

Each Kyvalorian may have up to four pets at one time! 


You can equip your characters with gear, which will improve their stats and make them stronger! Some gear can be obtained from events, and others can be crafted after unlocking the Forge from Dargan.

There are four types of gear;

To equip gear to your character, you will need to go to your Gear inventory and select the gear to assign it to a character. Once gear has been equipped, the stat bonuses are automatically added!

Each Kyvalorian may have up to four pieces of gear equipped at a time!