The Story Of Kyvalore

In the beginning there was nothing.
In an endless void of unreality the consciousness of the Old Gods drifted. These few untethered minds aimlessly existing in the Nothing, a plane of being unfathomable to living minds. How long these Old Gods existed in a dimension of non-existence cannot be counted, for time itself was not yet a concept. Eventually, they grew tired of nothing and made something. They used their magic to create Kyvalore. Everything from the earth, the life, the air, to the laws of gravity, of stars, and of time, was created of the magic of these Old Gods. They used their magic to bring the idea and practice of good into creation. They created a world that would thrive, and be at peace. A world they could watch and protect like one would raise a garden. Many, many creatures were born into this new world, this Kyvalore. Created with the gift of the god's magic, they grew, and they thrived. However, the more the gods used their magic, the less powerful they became. As Kyvalore flourished, as civilizations grew from horizon to horizon, the Old Gods shrank further and further away.

The magic of the gods now rested in the life that the gods had made, without the hands of the gods able to control them anymore. Magic that was purposed with good intentions, was now being used for evil. The humans took their gift of magic and twisted it to their own selfish desires. Empires broke out into war, and all sides suffered massive casualties from the onslaughts. Magical storms of incredible size were grown and let loose upon neighbors, growing out of control and ravaging the land. Kyvalore was threatened by the greed of humanity, and so the Old Gods stripped humans of their magic. It was the only way to keep the world safe, and preserve that with the Old Gods had sacrificed so much to make. One god did not agree.

Spending an immense amount of his magic, this god became mortal, and met with the council of leaders who presided over humanity. This god promised the humans their magic back, but with a price. They were to become his servants, and shun away all of the other gods. The greed of humanity accepted his offer without hesitation. Magic was returned to them, and their connection to the rest of the Old Gods faded into nothing. There was another price to be paid, one even the mortal god could not foresee. Their magic was corrupt. This new unbalanced magic, both gifted and accepted selfishly, began to exterminate humanity. The magic flowing through their veins literally ate away at their host from the inside out. The corruption spread to the land, killing the animals, the plants, all life it came across. The other gods could not interfere, and so humanity was cursed to extinction, and to take Kyvalore with them. The mortal god had much to answer for, but had no answer. This was not the result he had wanted, but it was the result he gave. Humanity killed the mortal god in revenge, his own magic being thrown back at him in rage. This changed nothing. The other gods were enraged by the rogue god's actions, and the impending annihilation of Kyvalore. They could not help the dying world from their otherworldly perch, their reach too weak to control their creations. So the gods gave up their truly immortal life to walk the earth.

They met with the corrupted humans, and worked all of their magic and applied all of their knowledge towards the salvation of humanity. But despite the application of knowledge from an infinite epoch of contemplation, humanity could not be separated from the grasp of the tainted magic. In one final bid to rid the world of this corruption, the Old Gods decided to reset life. They knew that their own, now mortal, life would end. But maybe, just maybe, the life that they had worked so hard to create would go on, and thrive in the peace they so desired. They pooled what remained of the magic together for one, final, act of good.

And Old Kyvalore fell.

​ The corruption was removed and took any ties with it, eradicating humanity. Time passed,  but new life sprouted on Kyvalore, and magical beings of all kinds set out to explore the world. In this fresh new world, they found artifacts, weird stones, and remains of beings long past. Relics of a lost age. The new inhabitants of Kyvalore were free from the corruption that plagued those who walked before them, and life was able to grow and prosper.

As these beings began to spread across the earth, something began to rumble beneath the earth. The corrupted magic survived, barely alive, but holding on.
The Old Gods had failed to defeat the corruption at it's core, but with with humanity gone it was no longer tied to a being, becoming an entity of it's own.
It now lurked within the earth, waiting and growing outside the sight of those who now walked and lived on Kyvalore. What once was can now only be speculated by the remnants of their world, of the hints and treasures they left behind. Now we look forward, we look towards what could be. This is the story of You, and the mark you leave upon the world of Kyvalore. The chance for heroics lie around every corner for those wishing to seek out glory, just as an era of peace awaits those who grease the wheels of civilization.

​Forge friendships, embark on quests, and protect what you build from the growing danger.

​All of Kyvalore lies before you, brimming with new adventures and old secrets to unlock.