Meet the Avilli

Welcome to avilli! Here you'll find all the basic info on what avilli are, where they come from, and general tidbits about them. You can click on the buttons below to navigate to other pages that go into depth on other aspects of the avilli species.

  • Avilli are small creatures with fluffy manes, wings, feathered ears, and round faced with a strong instinct and ability for magic use.

  • An avilli's feet only consist of three toes(with the exception of the polydactl trait!), both on the front feet and the back. These feet have one pad per toe, and one central pawpad. Every avilli has claws, though they are completely retractable and most avilli do not keep them out on a regular basis.

  • When an avilli is sick, or extremely sad, they lose saturation and color in their coat. This color luckily returns 

  • Avilli have small pointed teeth
Average Avilli Stats

Height: 1.5 to 2.5 feet tall from paw to shoulder.
Length: 2.5 to 3 feet long 
Weight: 40 to 80 lbs

Lifespan: Due to the magical power of Kyvalore, avilli can live for icredibly long periods of time. Generally the closer they live to the Life Tree, the longer they live; some avilli are believed to be over 300 years old!

Avilli are a small fae-like creatures that can be found all around Kyvalore.

When Avilli first emerged with the rebirth of the world, they emerged from the cracks in the roots of the massive tree on the center on Lynorre as small eggs. These eggs, cradled in the twists of roots and feeding off of the mana of the Life Tree, hatched into the first avilli. Guided by a strange natural instinct they grew up with little worry, learning on their own to adapt, hunt, and fly. Building their own society first on Lynorre, and then expanding to the rest of Kyvalore.

While all of Kyvalore is now inhabited by avilli, Lynorre is home to the avilli and the avilli alone. It is their sacred ground, and traditions and life is built so strongly around the Life Tree that many make pilgrimage to the tree once a year to pay their respects to the Tree and the culture around the tree.

The regularity of new avilli being born from the tree is commonly unpredictable, but are always there if the Life Tree deems a need for new life. If any avilli wishes to take on an avilli young, they must only approach the tree with good intentions and an egg will appear before them.

When an avilli reaches the end of their life, avilli who were close to them can sense the loss instantly from anywhere in Kyvalore. Those that can leave their current duties to attend to the deceased do so. Some avilli taking the tasks of wrapping the body in customary beautiful golden painted leaves, others scouting for non-avilli folk that were close to the avilli to inform them of the avilli's passing, and the rest preparing a final garden for the passed avilli.

Many avilli are buried in a family garden if they have family, but if they had none it relied on those that were closest to them find a spot worthy of resting their lost friend. The avilli is held a small gathering, only of those who were the most important in their lives, and then laid to rest in their garden. The attendees tell stories of the avilli's good deeds in life and use magic to project scenes in swirls, lights, and colors as the avilli is buried to honor them.

With time, a tree will grow where the avilli was buried, it's mana being a source of the tree, giving back the mana from it's life to the world.

Most avilli prefer a vegitarian diet, but generally with a preference of foods with sweet or strong flavors! An avilli cooked meal is always boasting with flavor from the simplist of fruit tarts, to the heartiest mushroom stews.


Eager to learn some facts that can change the game for you? Lets talk about their stats!

Stats can be important by helping decide rewards, damage, defense, and success or fail rolls through prompts, battle events, and other activities in Painted Relics.
Each species on Kyvalore has their own specialties, and Avilli are no different! Each avilli starts with the following stats:

10 HP
10 MP
12 CHA
10 KNW
12 AGL

Don't fret if you're worried about a stat being low! There are plenty of quests to explore, train, and engage with the world to increase them.
If you're looking for more about what each stat does, you can read more here.

To be added!

Creating aN Avilli

To create an avilli, first you must obtain an avilli character slot!

Every new player gets one free character slot to use on any of the playable species in the game, otherwise you can earn more by playing the game and buying one with shards that you earn in the character shop or by purchasing one with USD in the cash shop. 

When creating an avilli there are a few things to remember, but that's why we're here!
All avilli must have the following traits fulfilled:


Each trait will require a corresponding potion or trait item unless that trait is common. Make sure you check the traits description to see what item it requires! Trait potions can be earned through events, bought with shards in the shops, won with raffles and games, found through foraging and exploration, or bought with USD in the cash shop.

Additionally when planning out your avilli it's important to think about things such as subtypes, Moth and Aquarian, and special forms, such as Relic and Wereform! Traits or effects under these categories generally have special rules for their potions and how to get them, as well as how many traits you can get with one potion so be sure to check!


And that should cover the important bits!

If you feel like there's anything missing, anything that isnt clear, or have any questions about anything avilli, feel free to reach out to the staff via a ticket onsite or through our discord!

We love your feedback, and look forward to seeing the avilli that you go adventuring with in Kyvalore!


Not a visual artist or looking for a quick start?
We've got you covered!
Click here to download a psd of a free to use avilli base.

This base is to be used for making yourself (or a friend!) an avilli for Painted Relics only.
Design will still require a character slot to play.