Calculating Shard Rewards


Due to the new auto calculation system this chart is slightly outdated. We are in the process of getting it updated to reflect actual values when using the calculator as there had to be adjustments to fit how the calculator works.
You can view the notes on the calculators themselves here:
Art Calc Guide
Art Bonuses Guide
Writing Guide

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have this fixed soon!

Getting Down The Basics

This is where you will find some of the most crucial information for Painted Relics and how the game is played.

Each Quest through the game will require you to create something! Through doing this you can earn experience and stat points for your characters, currencies, and items.

Each quest might have it’s own bonuses depending on what the quest is or what it requires, but for every quest you complete, earning shards is going to be the main source of rewards you will gain. This guide is for calculating the amount of shards you will be rewarded for each piece of work that is submitted.
While everyone’s art style, and skill is different, we try our very best to fit a guideline that allows players of all ages and skill to be able to earn, play, and still enjoy doing so, while also rewarding those who put more effort and time into prompts, gain what they should.

Shards from completed work can ONLY be claimed by the artist or artists that created it.

When submitting a quest, please write out a breakdown of what is included in your entry.

If it is visual, please list each item that is included, and the shards they would accrue.
If it is written, please provide us with the final word count. 

We ask this so we can fulfill prompts quicker and easier so you can get your rewards faster, and we can continue working on all the fun content!
If you submit a prompt without the breakdown we will cancel it and request that you add the breakdown in order to speed up the submission approval process.

Addressing Shard Reward Equality

Please keep in mind that we do our very best to keep the system as fair as possible to all players. We strive to reward based on effort and time put into art and writing instead of the skill involved.

If we find that a quest submission goes directly against the intention of the game, or otherwise is found to break the system due to finding loopholes in our rules it will be subject to custom scoring by the mod team in order to reward an amount that reflects a fitting amount that still rewards their effort, but also remains fair to other users who have redeemed rewards in the intended way of the game.

As Painted Relics is still technically in beta, shard counts are subject to update and change to continue to provide the best scoring platform we can to reward fairly and equally.

Scoring Visual Art

When scoring visual art, it all breaks down to each part that is included in your work, and the effort that was put into it. While there unfortunately is no perfect way to determine how much effort one thing versus another is when creating art, because art is subjective to each person, this gets us as close as we can.

Visual art scoring breaks down into a couple categories, the characters included, the backgrounds, and any bonuses you might redeem.

Within these categories, their are different tiers in order to reward the best shard amount for your efforts.

A character's size in an image can fall into a couple different categories.
You have headshots/busts, partial bodies, and fullbodies.

Headshot/Bust -> 2 Shards
Headshots/Busts are defined by showing at minimum the head of the character, but generally show neck/chest/shoulders as well.
Headshots have a base reward of 2 Shards

Partial Body -> 4 Shards
Partial Bodies are anywhere from 1/2 of the character to 3/4s of a character. Anything less is scored as a headshot.
Partial bodies have a base reward of 4 Shards

Fullbody -> 6 Shards
Fullbodies is art that must show the full body of the character, or close to it.
Fullbodies have a base reward of 6 Shards

  • Characters must be drawn large enough so you can tell who the character is, and general features of that character to count.
  • Fullbody characters that are positioned so most of the character isnt showing (such as the legs being hidden from laying down or an aerial view showing only the top of a character) will count as partial bodies.
  • Non-official/filler characters can be used to help tell your characters story and are redeemable for points at half the rate of a standard character redemption.

Sketches! When you arent feeling like putting in the effort to cleanly line or paint, you can turn in small sketches! A sketch is defined by either a messy lineart with clear rushed/breaks in the lines, or an overall messy feel. This can be great for certain aesthetics and you can still redeem shards for being colored as well!

Sketches do not redeem you bonus shards, so you only receive the base rewards for the character's size.

Lineart is defined by lines that have clear intent and meaning. They can still be broken lines, or 'sketchy effect' lines as long as it all looks like it was cleanly intended to do so.

For cleanly painted/lineless art, this is art that is lineless, but still has strong definition and intent around the character! It is very easy to fall into the sketch category with lineless if it doesnt have enough to it, so if in doubt, ask!

Headshots/Busts - +3 Shards
Partial Bodies - +5 Shards
Fullbodies - +7 Shards

This one is definitely the most self-explanitory of them all. It's just art that has been colored in!

Headshots/Busts - +4 Shards
Partial Bodies - +7 Shards
Fullbodies - +8 Shards

Shading art can really change the overall feel and depth of your art, while truly integrating your character into the scene and therefore hold a lot of weight to it! Because of this, this one is also one of the hardest ones to score.

There are a lot of different methods to shade, and some take significantly more time then others, so we want to reward you accordingly.

Shading is broken into two categories.

Simple Shading
  • Shading that is airbrushed, or quickly painted on with an effects layer like overlay, multiply, or shade.
  • Headshots/Busts - +1 Shards
    Partial Bodies - +2 Shards
    Fullbodies - +3 Shards
Intricate Shading
  • Shading that is done with more intention. Intricate shading is usually painted shading, clean soft shading or cell shading styles.
  • Headshots/Busts - +4 Shards
    Partial Bodies - +6 Shards
    Fullbodies - +8 Shards

Defining Backgrounds

These are backgrounds with very basic elements,but enough elements to set a scene or environment.

Things such as just a gradient do not count towards this, but a setting that clearly had a ground and a sky of some kind but no other defining features count as a basic.

Basic Background - +5 Shards

Backgrounds that have at least three distinct elements such as trees, rocks, water, clouds, etc. and two of the following - foreground, middleground and background

Sky, ground, and water do not count as elements.
Most backgrounds will most likely fall into this category!

Advanced Backgrounds - +20 Shards

Backgrounds that have at least five distinct and clearly rendered elements such as trees, rocks, buildings, plants, etc. and a clear foreground, middleground and background

Complex backgrounds must show clearly that effort was placed in creating the work! This isnt skill based, but more based on if it shows that you personally pushed yourself with it!

Complex Background - +40 Shards

Bonuses & Adjustments

There's bonuses to be had! By including certain things in your entries, you can redeem even more shards! We do this to encourage world-building and player interactions.

Another Player's Character or NPC (Max of 5 redeemable for bonus)
  • Headshot/Bust: +1 shard
  • Partial Body: +3 shards
  • Fullbody: + 5 shards
Monthly Featured Character
This cannot be combined with other players character bonus, and does not apply if it is YOUR character.

  • Headshot/Bust: +1 shard
  • Partial Body: +3 shards
  • Fullbody: +5 shards
Pets(max of 5 Redeemable) - +3 Shards per pet
  • must be a clean painted/lined and colored pet to redeem

  • Monsters(max of 3 Redeemable)
  • Painted Relics monsters are redeemable for the same rate that official characters are, but do not qualify for the NPC or other character bonus!
  • Adjustments come into play when there are additional matters of the image to take into account.

    Redeems 1/2 of the shard total instead of the full total for being simplified.
    • Keep in mind that not all chibis are truly simplified as this will highly depend on how the character is drawn and rendered.
    • if your character was a shaded, colored, lined fullbody for 25 points, but was drawn in a more simplified form, it would then redeem 13 shards.

    Highly Rendered
    Adds a multiplyer of 1.5 (rounded up) to the shard count for the extra effort.
    • Highly rendered works are ultimately up to the discrestion of the judging mods. We look for works that truly went the extra mile for this reward so we can compensate you for your work!
    • If your character was a heavily detailed shaded, colored, lined fullbody for 25 points, but was drawn in a more simplified form, it would then redeem 38 shards.
    Unofficial Characters
    Sometimes in your quests you'll want to use characters that dont exist on the masterlist to tell a story. Whether this be family members of a character of background npcs, you can use them as long as you note that they are unoffical!
    • Unoffical characters get scored the same as standard characters in a peice of work, then are divided in half.
    • So a fullbody, lined, colored and simple shaded character would garner 24 shards, where an unoffical character would gain 12.

    Other Visual Art

    Pixel art is graded a little bit differently then standard art!
    Pixels are broken down by their canvas size, and are rewarded a rate based on that.

    50x50-99x99 Pixels - +8 Shards
    100x100-149x149 Pixels - +12 Shards
    150x150-200x200 Pixels- +20 Shards

    Anything larger then a 200x200 pixel will be graded as standard visual art.

  • If a pixel is shown with an increased image size, the original size must be posted along with it for scoring
  • coming soon! Sorry! Still needing to hash it out with the team!

    Written Art

    Writing Guidelines

    Creating visual art isn't for everyone. Or sometimes it doesn't fit the story you are trying to tell. Or maybe, drawing might take too long, and writing is faster for you. Whatever the reason, writing is supported by all of the prompts unless the prompt specifically states otherwise. Or sometimes there are prompts that are ONLY for writing! Here's where to find what you'd redeem for writing entries.

    • All writing entries must be submited with a small summary(just 1 to 2 sentences!) of what the writing is about! unfortunately writing takes longer to grade then art, so this just helps us grade it faster so we can get back to working on upcoming content.
    • Your entry must be entirely focused on the task or theme provided.
    • Key characters and components relevant to the prompt must be noticeably significant in your piece and featured throughout the work.
    • Chapters and parts are permitted as long as they have a clear beginning and end.
    • Collaborative stories and/or RPs are permitted as long as each player's parts are clearly labelled, each player has reached the minimum word count individually, and equal distribution of effort is shown.
    • Please avoid padding your lit with excessive adjectives and descriptions just to drag out the word count.
    • Remember to stay within the limitations of the world of Kyvalore (don't write your character as having traits and powers they haven't earned yet).
    40 Words = 1 Shard
    Every 40 words rounded down redeems you 1 shard, until you hit 2,000 words (which will redeem you 50 shards).

    You cannot redeem for more then 2000 words in one writing entry, but you are welcome to break things up in the chapters or sections as long as the submitted chapter still meets the requirements of the prompt!
    This is to keep the entries in consumable sections for the mods to be able to read in sections, instead of leaving one mod with a significant amount more work then others.

    Writing Bonuses

    • Including certain things in your writing can redeem you bonuses! These are little bonuses that reward you for character interaction, and exploring the world of Kyvalore.

      • Additional Owned Characters - + 1 Shard per Character
        • These characters need to still have a place and meaning in the story.
        • This bonus is for adding in characters that you own.
        Another Player's Character - + 2 Shards per Character
        • These characters need to still have a place and meaning in the story.
        Monthly Featured Character - + 3 Shards
        • These characters need to still have a place and meaning in the story. This cannot be combined with other players character bonus, and does not apply if it is YOUR character. Sorry!
        Official NPC - + 2 Shards per Character
        • These characters need to still have a place and meaning in the story.
        Pets - + 2 Shards per Pet
        • Max of 5 Pets
        • Pets still need to have a place within the story.