Privacy Policy

Painted Relics is dedicated to protecting your personal information and handling it properly in accordance with data privacy laws. When you sign up, you must link an off-site account to access our site content and features. Painted Relics will not and does not have the ability to access or control your linked account, or post anything on your behalf using your account. We will collect limited personal information about you including your username and email.

Painted Relics will not use your personal information for advertising purposes, either directly or via a third party. This information will always be secure and will never be offered, sold, traded, or otherwise distributed to any third party except as directly specified in this Privacy Policy. All users must comply with privacy laws and must not collect, use, retain, or disclose any other user’s personal information without their consent.

Any content or information that you post to your profile page will be publicly accessible. Please exercise caution and use your own personal judgement before posting sensitive information.