Magic Guide

A voxi with a mana sigil   

Everything is mana, mana is everything. Avilli and Voxibell alike are able to draw upon this mana, and use it in wondrous and magical ways. Avilli draw their mana from the world around them, taking enough power from anything near them, even the air, to fuel their desires. Voxibells take their mana from within, using the mystical energy stored within their manabone.  Most magics require special training in order to learn and unlock. Even without training, however, the ability to move objects and apply force without lifting a paw via Telekinesis comes almost instinctively to both species. For those who wish to expand their magical might, schools exist all throughout Kyvalore specializing in one school of magic or another. Eight different classes of magic exist, and due to the demands that each field commands, a Voxi or Avilli can only specialize in a single class. In this case, trying to spread oneself out too thin, even to only two classes, would lead to a competence in neither. Special magic schools and academies exist throughout Kyvalore, each specializing in one class of magic or another. Some are massive academies, while others may only be private instruction with a master of the field. Some towns are more inclined towards one school of magic or another, with folks traveling from all around Kyvalore to find the school that interests them in one or two regions of the world.

Mana Sigils
 No spoken word or hand gestures are required in order to cast magic. When an Avilli or Voxibell wills their magic into being, it begins to cast. When this happens, a Mana Sigil will appear above the head, with a matching one over any object they may be interacting with. Mana Sigils are known as a reflection of the soul, and are unique to every individual like a magical fingerprint. They vary in size, shape and color, but most are portrayed in a circular form. As long as the magic is being cast, the Mana Sigil will remain over both the caster and any object being manipulated, each fading when the spell ends. So, for example, if a user of Light magic makes sword glow like a torch, both the user and the sword would be haloed by a Mana Sigil until the user stops the spell and the light fades away. If a user of Air magic was pushing the wind into the sail of their ship, the sail would hold a Sigil around it until the user allowed the wind to return to its natural pattern. 


For a character to gain their magical specialty, they must be trained and have that skill refined to create that elemental bond.
This can be done by following the Bonding with Magic questline!