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Autumn Harvest Hunt - Scavenger Hunt Update

Posted 21 September 2022, 21:22:46 PDT by Wisparia

The leaves have started to turn color and many Kyvalorians have already rushed to decorate their house in warm autumn hues. The lanterns on the streets flicker in the crisp breeze and the smell of freshly baked pies and sweets dance around neighborhoods. With the change of seasons and the cold time approching around the corver, it looks like there's plenty to do in the season of harvest!

There are 10 harvest baskets hidden on the site so it time to get hunting!

You'll be able to find your first and be able to keep track of your progress HERE !

The sitewide hunt goes until the last day of october so you have plenty of time to get searching!

Beginning Festivities - Autumn Update

Posted 9 September 2022, 21:40:38 PDT by Wisparia

The bite of the cold breeze whisks through the air with a delightful tug at branches and bushes. The leaves swirl in small circles in the fields and pathways, rain trickles on rooftops, roads, and passersby.
Cocoons have formed in the branches of the Life Tree again, their beautiful silk giving life to more moth avilli.
It’s finally autumn!

The autumn season is settling in Kyvalore and it’s time to collect your harvests, experience the change of seasons, and… celebrate?

It’s my birthday month and I’d like to share the festivities with you! This month we’ll be hosting more games in the Discord server like trivia, drawing games, and more! If you’re not in the discord server yet, now’s the perfect time to hop in and chat! A few mods will be running their own activity, so tune in on different days to join in on the fun they have in store for you.

Our current schedule of activities:

Sept 13th - Scavenger Hunt Begins!
Sept 15th - Game with Lawlie
Sept 20th - Game with Emmy
Sept 24th - Game with Sea
Oct 4th - Game with Wisp

Please note that these dates are subject to change but we will do our best to notify you as soon as possible! Our mods’ lives outside of PR do come first!

Do YOU have a birthday?
Of course you do!
Starting now, during your birthday month you can submit a claim saying it’s your birthday that month and a gift will be rewarded to you! You’ll get to pick your own very special birthday gribble. Please keep in mind that while they look edible, they probably don’t taste that good.



The sea beast west of Reim took a few hits from noble Kyvalorians but dipped back into the ocean as the temperature above the waves began to drop.

You get the feeling that they are still thriving beneath the sea, and will return another day.

The battle event has ended, and with the small amount of damage done to the sea beast, he will be back and any bonus rewards for defeating the beast were lost! Be careful on your journeys across the ocean as the knowledge of a deeper threat lurks beneath the waves.

It’s a new season which means there’s a whole set of new prompts for you to jump right into! Time to explore the autumn wilds in Kyvalore, but maybe keep an eye peeled while doing so!

While exploring Kyvalore this month, you may want to take a closer look in the forming puddles, wisps of clouds, or amongst the piles of falling leaves.
Athalie has gotten reports from Kyvalorians all over, sightings of something new roaming about the world. It seems like they are attracted to the autumn weather!

While exploring Kyvalore and doing a location prompt, someone new might just follow you home!

Trait update

Strangely enough it seems avilli have a new special trait, Polydactyl! This trait can be applied with an uncommon bodytype potion to give your avilli thumbs!



I’d like to take another month to honor one of our lovely mods for member of the month! She’s been with PR  as a wonderful helpful mod since the beginning and helps run the fun raffles and giveaways in the Discord! Sadbloom

And our Raffle Winner for the voxibell for last month is TytoArts! Congrats!

Don't worry if you missed out the new Raffle will be up soon, this time a little different of a prize of an avilli MYO slot with a Moth Nectar Potion!

Well have that raffle to enter up shortly!



Both Rhea and Athalie have new stock for you this month!
Rhea seems to have found some leftover goodies from a previous season and Athalie even has found a pet from the newly discovered floating isles of Runearyl!

Astor has also perfected the moth potion for any avilli looking to stretch their wings in a new way, or give themselves a neat little addition! Both Moth Nectar and Minor Moth Nectar Potions have been added to the Potions & Elixirs Shop!


I felt that this month needed an extra blurb to go over some general site updates with everyone! I am currently in the process of working on several different updates for PR! Some of them rely heavily on understanding things that I’m trying to learn as I go, or rely on other updates to get finished! I promise there are bigger things for PR cooking behind the scenes and I wanted to thank you all for being so very patient while I work on it! I’m hoping that all these updates that will eventually come to the site will just make the Painted Relics community experience even better than before.


Don’t forget to forage! Each day you have 1 stamina to forage, so make sure you set out and look for some goodies! Sometimes you’ll come back empty handed, but sometimes you might just get really lucky and find quite the treat!

Go to Foraging !

August Update - Tides of Mana

Posted 1 August 2022, 00:58:02 PDT by Wisparia

As time went on, the stories of found treasures of the sea spread from door to door. Kyvalorians talking about what they'd found on the beach over a cup or tea or in passing in market stalls. Mentions of digging on local beaches, or what they discovered from taking a dive around the shores of Reim. Something was stirring up treasures from deep below the waves and every passing citizen was curious of what more could lay among the uncharted depths.

The air around the beaches and shores was dense with mana, with each push and pull of the tide, waves of an uncertain mana washed up upon the shore. Something began to feel off about it. The mana felt strange, uncertain, and felt like it was getting closer.

More eyes turned to the sea.

Something beneath the depths of the water began to awake; storms began to churn the waters and the skies above the ocean grew dark. Kyvalorians bonded with spirit began to whisper of bad omens of the sea, water attuned Kyvalorians found themselves filled with dread each time they connected with water. Something was wrong.

A ship carrying goods to the town across the sea never made it to their destination.

And then it was spotted.

Broken ship parts and loose trinkets of the crew mates began to wash upon the shore, closely followed by a shadow on the horizon that loomed ever closer and was heading directly to Reim's port.

This is a sitewide event battle!

There is a quest in events to board the ship to fight the monster!

Quest Event Board

The damage you deal damage to the monster and it is tracked with wounds on it's health bar.
The health bar wont be shown until the first attack is made.
This is where you're characters stats stand to the test! Your power and knowledge will help you deal damage to the beast, while your agility and resistance will help you in taking less damage. Bonus damage points are granted to users who are fully bonded with a magic!

Dont forget that equipment can help give your characters a little boost!


Happy August!

The pet contest winners from last month have been added to the game!
Spessa can now be found in Reim quests and Humble can now be found in Lynorre and Everdenn Quests!

There might be some minor downtime this month due to some updates I'm excited to get on the site some of them are fixes for backend work for mods to make our jobs a little easier, but others are fixing some general organization and UI fixes! I'll be sure to let you know when those updates are and if the site is down for them in the discord!

If you're keeping an eye out for the story quests to return, don't worry! They will be returning in September! It's been a bit troublesome to run story quests while events go, so we'll be working on making sure they dont overlap in the future so both mods and players have time to focus on both!


Our new member of the month is QuirkyRabbit! Thank you for being a lovely and friendly face in our discord! <3

Our June raffle has ended, and the winner is;

Dont worry if you missed this last raffle,as Augusts raffle is already up!
Monthly Raffle


Rhea has some new wares in her Scavenging, Fern has some new blooms in her Botanist Shop, and Athalie has some new pets for the month in the pet shop! Be sure to check it out before the end of the month!


The summer event ends at the end of the month, so if you're looking to get your hands on a Sea Keeper's Pearl, learn some new recipes, or collect some of the summer pets dont forget to submit those quests!

Dont forget that due to the surge in mana, shards and coins still have a heightened reward for the remainder of the month! All event prompt currency rewards are multiplied by 1.25!

Don't forget to forage! You can currently forage once a day in the wilderness, rumor says more items have been added to be found as well as you might be needing them for some new recipes in the coming season!

Summer Event - Treasure Trove & New Subtype!

Posted 1 July 2022, 12:36:41 PDT by Wisparia

It’s July, which means our summer event has begun!

Splash on over to the events section on the questboard to find some new quests to undertake. Explore below the waters, along the beaches, and out at sea to collect returning summer items, and a few new things that should put a sparkle in your eye. Old relics of an age long past still have magic imbued in it and it looks like it can still be used!

You can now collect materials for a Sea Keeper’s Pearl! This pearl has strong ancient Kyvalorian magic, and absorbing mana from a Sea Keeper’s Pearl has unlocked a new subtype for both avilli AND voxibells!
The materials for the sea keepers pearl are more easily found in summer, but can be found in questing at port towns Reim and Ardglass the rest of the year!

Introducing Aquarians!


Aquarian voxibells and avilli have access to a few fun fishy traits that allow them to explore the oceans waters easier.
You can read more about this subtype and it’s play in the world of Kyvalore on it’s encyclopedia entries:

Aquarian Subtype

As well as finding all the new traits associated with them!

Aquarian Traits

Please keep in mind we are aware of a small site bug that is causing the alternate types of some of the traits to not link to their individual entry. A fix for this should be out soon, keep an eye on the changelog for this fix!

As for returning items, you can once again find treasure hidden among the shores and expanses of Kyvalore. There are many new event quests that you can get to searching for map pieces to collect(don’t forget to trade with your fellow kyvalorians! A completed map will redeem you a highly rare mythic potion!), crafting materials for seaside potions and summer skewers, and of course that sweet summer coin!

Event Quests

The Captains Shop is back open for the remainder of the summer season and as always has his eye on your coin.

Captain Ravinger's Summer Shop


Monthly Features

Going a little different this month for member of the month since I wanted to make sure we could feature some of the important members of our team too.
Our new member of the month is Corvituus ! He works hard behind the scenes to help brainstorm, craft quests, and keep me sane while I take on too many projects at once and felt there would be no better person to honor with member of the month this time around!

Our June raffle has ended, and the winner is;
HuggableWerewolf !

Dont worry if you missed this last raffle, since we’ve got a new one up for the month of July and their cool look will truly help in this summer heat!

You can find how to enter here:

Monthly raffle

Shop Rotations

Both Rhea and Athalie have new wares for the month of july! Make sure to check out their shops to see if anything strikes your fancy!


Don’t forget voting for the pet contest ends on the 5th, so get your votes in before it closes! I cant wait to find out what new pets get added to the world of Kyvalore!

Vote Here!

Don’t forget to forage! Each day you have 1 stamina to forage, so make sure you set out and look for some goodies! Sometimes you’ll come back empty handed, but sometimes you might just get really lucky and find quite the treat!


Summer In Kyvalore - June Update

Posted 1 June 2022, 00:22:57 PDT by Wisparia

Hello wonderful Kyvalorians!

The spring season has ended, and June brings us the first month of the summer season. We've got plenty to look forward to this season, but let's dig into what we've got for updates this month!

Lets start out with some major trait changes that are coming to voxibells.

Voxibell manabone placement is getting rearranged to make it a much simpler system that allows more freedom to players in terms of where they can place manabone on a voxibell! This change isn't immediate as we have to comb through all the voxibells on the masterlist and fix them up one by one to the new trait system, but dont fret! If for some reason your character's manabone falls into a lower rarity, we'll compensate you with a potion of that rarity. In other cases you might be getting a free rarity upgrade. I'm hoping that these changes will help allow you to have more creative freedom with designing your characters!

Next another game change, is we've added a slight change to the shard count!
A highly rendered bonus. This bonus is for artwork that goes above and beyond what the flat rates of shard counts can compensate. We want to make sure you feel like your effort on your works reaps it's due rewards, so any piece that is deemed highly rendered gained a 1.5 multiplier to it!
For example, if your character was a heavily detailed shaded, colored, lined fullbody for 25 points, but was drawn in a more simplified form, it would then redeem 38 shards.


With the turn of the season, we've got all new prompts in all locations and general prompts! There's plenty to be found, including a prompt that will get you a new summer friend. Looks like he might need some aloe for that burn though...


Ready to start hunting?
Painted Relics now has foraging! You can visit the foraging page on the site [HERE] to set out and look for treasures once a day! Currently there is only one location to forage, but we are planning on adding more with time. Good luck hunting!

Another little site update, but a big one for quality of life, is site searching! From the guidebook dropdown, you can now find a Site Search button! It'll take you to this nifty page [HERE] where a small team of pets will help you find what you're looking for.
You'll be able to search the site for key words, like gribble, and pull up anything from news, pets, pages, or prompts that mention a gribble. How exciting!

And for our new monthly features;

Our new member of the month is OwenStardust ! Thank you for being part of our little community!

And our May's raffle winner is @Corv ! I'll be sending the wyvern voxi your way soon!

June's raffle is up though, and we're already feeling the heat...

You can find where to enter for June's [HERE] !

That about sums it up for this part of June! 
And starting in July we'll be hosting another Summer Event! You'll be able to earn those summer goodies again with maybe something even more special splashing in. I can't wait to show you what we've been cooking up!

As always thank you for being here, and I look forward to seeing all your wonderful creations this month!

Pet Contest Voting Time!

Posted 29 June 2022, 09:15:11 PDT by Wisparia

It's time to vote!
We had 6 lovely entries to the pet contest for Painted Relics so now it's time to throw in your vote for the next pet that gets added to the game!
You only get one vote so make sure you pick your favorite! One pet will be picked by the community by vote, and another entry will be picked by the mod team! Voting will close on July 5th and the winners will be announced and awarded on July 8th!

May Update - Happy One Year of Painted Relics!

Posted 1 May 2022, 02:05:41 PDT by Wisparia

Happy 1 year for Painted Relics!

I cannot believe that we have already reached this point. It feels like such a short span of time has happened, and yet here we already are!
It fills me with so much awe and joy to be able to grow this little community and to have each and every one of you be a part of it, so truly and honestly thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here. Your presence and creativity help make Painted Relics what it is, and I look forward to continuing to grow Painted Relics and seeing how things play out with all of the plans I have in store for our little ARPG!

Now before we dig into all the new updates, lets cover a few things!

I want congratulate two members:
The new member of the month, @Sporko ! Thank you sporko for being another wonderfully friendly face in our discord! I'll send you your MotM reward soon!

And the winner of the April character raffle, denimlich ! Your new character has already been granted to your account!

The story quest is still ongoing, but dont let the end date sneak up on you, it's only just over 2 weeks away! Dont forget to get your part of the story in for the story quests to help change how the story of Kyvalore unfolds.

An important thing I wanted to note is that now with 1 year of being open and active, Painted Relics is officially out of silver beta, and into bronze! We've worked out a lot of kinks in the base systems, and things are running smoothly and balanced, so silver beta is over! Thank you everyone who stuck with us through some of out system testing such as the shard balancing as I know that was a bit rough at first! Since we are moving into the bronze step of beta, I am excited to play with all the more fun aspects of the game that I've been planning. Cant wait to show them to you all soon!
I'll have a redeemable bronze badge for players soon to show that you were here in PR's early days!


A one year anniversary sure does call for some exciting announcements though doesnt it?
Don't worry, cause we've definitely got you covered!


Off the most northwestern coast of Kyvalore, a stranger flew in to shore, wide eyed and eager to explore the greater regions of Kyvalore, but where did they come from?

They first arrived in Fayewood, and drew eyes wherever they walked, or... flew? This voxibell has wings! They tell of their homeland called Runaryl, an island filled with voxibells that could fly who had been in hiding over the years in fear of the greater world of Kyvalore after the fall of the old world, but they are here to explore the greater world!

Now introducing the wyvern subtype! This subtype is exclusive to voxibells, and introduces some fun new traits, like winged forelimbs!
You can read all about this new subtype, and it's traits here:



But what about that strange traveler who was first to leave the wyvern isles?
Well, we've got them up for raffle this month:

Raven's Treasure


Or looking at the new location? You can now find it on the map, and listed under locations!
Any character that has the ability of flight can make it to the new island. This includes avilli, wyvern voxibells of course, and any character that has fully bonded with air magic!
(The map is currently not clickable for it yet due to a small bug, I hope to fix this within the week!)


If you're wanting to get into the spirit of the new content and enjoy a change of atmosphere, The Wyvern Islands is a now a new theme on the site!

You can change your theme at any time by going to your account settings!

Plus, with a new location on the map, looks like there might be some new items to find, and even a new kind of pet.

Meet the toonin!

Looking to get some of these traits yourself? Astor seems to have quickly made contact with the residents of Runaryl and acquired some wyvern potions for their shop.
Each wyvern potion grants up to THREE wyvern traits to a voxibell!

If you're more interested in premade characters though, we'll have you covered. I'll be making sure to do a couple wyvern voxi sales soon to help celebrate this new subtype!

The addition of wyvern traits aren't the only new traits though!
We now have elemental traits! These traits are exclusive to characters that have bonded to a certain magic. These traits are considered at-will traits so can be turned on and off at the characters discretion. Each element adds something a little special to the characters,. If you have a character that has bonded with an element, and you'd like their elemental trait added, please submit a character update and a mod will get that trait added on for you!

Now that we've covered the new content, lets talk about the rest of the celebrations!

Both voxibell and Avilli MYO slots are on sale in the cash shop for the duration of the month! So if you were in the fence about picking one up, now might be the perfect time!

We'll be hosting a trivia event in the discord later this month with lots of hards to giveaway, and even a bigger prize for the overall winner! so maybe it's time to start reading up and preparing!

And if you needed another reason to be more active in our discord, I'll be doing at least two streams this month doing some free sketches for our lovely members. I'll try to post with at least a days heads up for these and do them at different times to help out with different timezones!


That should wrap up all the goodies for this announcement. As always, thank you for your patience and understanding as we work on this little game, learn from it, and grow from it!

It means so much to me that you are here and I hope that Painted Relics can always be a comfortable and fun space to be.
Happy one year to Painted Relics, and I look forward to so many more!

Spring is in full bloom in Kyvalore, and it looks like it’s time to appreciate the flowers!

We’ve got a few little updates this month that I’m excited to share with you!

I’m sure some of you have noticed our mod team has been doing some shifting around, and wanted to let you know of the changes! Firstly, arlinns has stepped down in order to have more time to focus on life and just being a player! So you’ll still see her around, just not as a site admin anymore.
Then, as the Painted Relics ARPG grows and with the goals we have in mind, we needed to really add to our team, so I’d like to announce we’ve got some wonderful new staff members!
Welcome SeaCrest Mazzira Lawlie and @emmy to the team! I’m so stoked to get these wonderful people on board. We’ve already begun brainstorming ways to bring better content and more fun to Painted Relics, both on site and on our discord channel, and begun to implement some of it already!
In the discord you’ll now find a channel called #doodle-board ! You can find the rules pinned in the channel, but it’s a fun channel to create gifts for your fellow members of Painted Relics and receive some yourself!

Due to the lack of entries this last month in the character raffle, we’ve extended it through the month of April! We know life’s been pretty chaotic and busy for everyone, so we want to make sure you still have the chance to enter if you’d like!

We do however have a new Member of the Month, Sylvena ! Thanks for being such a warm friendly face in our discord!


Onto some points on traits!

I’ve spent actual months trying to figure out how the best way to tackle fur growth, and every method always didnt feel quite right. Since the way fur is drawn can be so subjective I didnt want it to feel too limiting, nor something that would be hard for moderators to judge. SO I’ve just decided to remove fur growth rarities altogether, aside from a few special circumstances such as moth mane.
This means over the next week or so I’ll be combing through the site and removing all fur growth traits. Don't worry though, if you have a fur growth trait on your character or a fur growth potion, I will be granting you a same rarity potion of your choice in exchange! This will take me a little bit to comb through everyone, so please hold tight as I go through them! If by th end of next week I haven't gotten to your character or exchanged your items, please reach out as I might have missed you!


Been hunting in a location for something specific, but having a hard time getting that pet, or that location flower? We might have something to help with that!
Two new items have been added to the game! Empty pot, and pet bait! Both items can be attached to your quest to guarantee a gather of the location's unique flower, or one of the location's pets!
The empty pot can be bought from the Botanist’s Shop, and the pet bait can be purchased from the Pet Shop!


Are you ready to celebrate spring?
I think these new pets are!

In celebration of the spring season, there is now an egg hunt on site! There are a handful of eggs to collect on the site, each egg contains a random loot roll that could be one of these 

lovely spring pets, or maybe something else unique to the spring season…

Dont worry if you don't get the ones you were hoping for, Athalie will have these pets in her shop later this month!


And last but not least, just some quick reminders!

Don’t forget to submit your writing and art the gallery on site if you want some bonus shards! Each entry submitted on site redeems 5 bonus shards, so it can add up quick!

And the story quest still goes on, so don’t forget to join in! Kyvalore is reaching a turning point, will you help change the fate of the world, or will you help cause it?

The Story Continues - The Isle’s Stone

Posted 20 March 2022, 00:00:00 PDT by Ghostylight

The next part of Painted Relics' story is here!

To read the previous parts in Rhea's quest, you can find them here on this page HERE
(I know this page isn't the prettiest at the moment as I had issues getting it working the way I wanted, so this is just a stand in till I can get it looking the way I want!)
"The sand was rough and sharp against her paws, resembling caltrops more than grains. 

Thanks for the -“ Rhea began to say, before seeing that the rowboat that took her here was already making it’s way back out to the parent ship, where it would sit and await her return. 

“24 hours before I head back to shore, with or without cha”  she was warned by the captain. Not the most reassuring send off.

Taking her first few steps into land, she could see why. No, she could feel why. This place had an aura to it, baked into it’s foundation. It was anger, it was dread, it wanted to hurt. Rhea took a gulp of trepidation and could feel Pik scooting around in her side bag, shrinking himself down as he surely felt the same aura. The shoreline was littered with all kinds of detritus from the sea. Logs, seaweed, shells, and remains of cargo of all kinds. Broken crates spilled their long rotted and dried husks, mingling with broken pottery and scraps of rope. 

Even the wildlife didn’t want her here. Multiple times on her short walk into the mainland she was accosted by small, four pincer-ed creatures. They wore the detritus of the beach as shells, snapping at her with angry piercing eyes and grumbling strings of what she thought was warnings. Stepping up the eroded beach into the grasslands beyond, it wasn’t any better. The tall grasses were tough and razor sharp, the trunks of the trees were ringed with thorns, and she had to defend herself multiple times from these crab-like creatures as they fell upon her from the treetops, using the hard casings of fruit as both their shell and their method of attack. 

“Gah! What am I even looking for?!” Rhea yelled out to no one in particular. The hateful aura of the isle had long gotten underneath her skin, only exacerbated by all the cuts and bruises she had received thus far. Pik was no worse for wear though, at least physically. This thought comforted Rhea, but only a little. She could still feel something, hidden in that aura. Something that called out for her attention. So she pressed on, and not happy about it. 

After another hour or so of tripping over bones of unidentifiable creatures and climbing over rocks that also seemed to have thorns, because of course, she found what she didn’t know she was looking for.

In a rocky clearing, a circle of trees stood, all bent inward as if they were whispering to each other, canopy’s intertwining to cover the area in intermingled shadows. In the center of this clearing was it’s own circle, of rough irregular stones. 30 feet across, the rectangular stones stood tall for the most part, a good few of them broken and worn down with time. It has stood here for a long time. 

In the center of this circle was a stone, cut and sanded completely flat on one of it’s sides, buried straight up and down in the rock, small piles of stones built around it in three circles. Upon this flat face was carved runes, in a language Rhea had seen a few times before. On the coin weighing down her pocket, or the parchment found in the streets a few moon crossings ago, the ancient language that held the very secrets of kyvalore that she and many of her peers were trying so desperately to decipher. The stone face was covered in this script, all available space taken up by it ordered neatly in rows, clearly a message of some kind. 

What lied at the stone’s center however, shook Rhea to her core. She saw it last, almost as if it hid itself from her until there was absolutely nothing left she could possibly look at. A figure seemed to float above the smooth stone. It was made of shadows. The shadows of the trees, the shadows of the sun, the shadows of the rocks, the shadows of the soul. It was constantly shifting, constantly flowing. It was everything, it was nothing. It was a voxibell for a moment of a second, before twisting and turning, making the form of an avilli a few seconds later. In between these seconds it was everything. After these seconds it was everything else. The only constant of this shifting form was it’s cold white eyes, Round orbs of the purest light and malice, regarding Rhea at the edge of the clearing. 

She felt it then, reaching out to her and Pikk, through her mana. It did not speak, but it was trying to, Rhea could feel the words in the undercurrent of the mana that was brushing up against her own, like the shadow of a fish in the current of a river. It pulled at her, tugged at her magic, but not in a malicious way. In opposition to the intense feeling of dread that filled her, it almost felt gentle. It was guiding her closer, it wanted her in, it wanted her to touch the stone it resided over. Could she? Could she go against every screaming instinct inside of her to get to safety and away from this island? But how could she not? Get so close to this mystery and actually discover what is going on, and just leave?

What would she do?


Something in Kyvalore stirs.
Want to change what happens next? Check out the current story quest here !

March Update - New Questboard & Questlines!

Posted 2 March 2022, 02:48:11 PST by Wisparia

Winter has come to a close, and the season of spring in Kyvalore has begun!

We’ve got a lot of updates with us today so I’m excited to show off what we’ve been working on!

First lets address some game changes we are bringing to Painted Relics!

Quests are now on a seasonal basis instead of monthly. We feel that there are a whole slew of quests that are there to explore with your characters now that there isn’t a need for monthly ones, at least not while our community is small and cozy! This lets us spend less time on writing monthly quests that may not get used, to spending more time on writing and creating content that will expand more of what Painted Relics has to offer!

So updates will still be coming monthly, but basic quests will now only change once a season!

With that in mind, if your character has a location set, then they will receive loot items for that location even on basic seasonal quests now!
A lot of the site has been undergoing construction as I work to make the site more user friendly, and more representative of the style and feel I want Painted Relics to present!

The biggest of these updates today is to the questboard! The questboard has been completely changed and hopefully this will allow you to locate quests easier and get the details you need to advance your characters in their stories.
On that questboard you’ll find some interesting new categories as well. Some of them are there as placeholders for quests that will be coming at a later date, such as Wilderness. But some have new things for you to explore now!

We are proud to announce Questlines!
Each location in Kyvalore is limitless in possibilities of what your character can do, but there might be a special adventure in each for you to embark on!

Each location will have a 5 part questline helping the NPCs of that location explore the town and maybe discover something exciting! Each questline will have exclusive rewards, redeem you stat points for your characters and good experience points! They play out a directioned story, where you play the main character. We cant wait to see how your characters react to the quests laid before them!
To accompany these questlines we have new NPCs that have joined the mix!


You can view the questlines for each location directly from the questboard. How convenient!
Each location now has parts 1 and 2 out for their questline, so it’s time to get questing!

That’s not the only new quest in Painted Relics though;
Introducing NPC Quests!
NPC quests are quests given to you by NPCs to fulfill tasks or sometimes item requests! Currently there is only one quest right now so we can test the waters on best methods for handling these quests, but we do intend to add more to the mix! So if you’re sitting on extra food items you aren't sure what to do with, you can look at helping our new NPC Tiyari out in Feeding The Delgu!
There may be a chance to get a badge exclusive to this quest so why not test your luck with finding the delgu’s favorite foods?

Still looking for more quests to do?
Stay tuned for later this month where the next chapter of Kyvalore’s story is released! All previous story quests will be getting legacy versions, so if you missed a chapter, you will be able to go back and still participate! Your character’s actions no longer vote towards the story of the world, but you will still gain any special items from that quest!
Story Quests will take place once per season and will last from the 15th of the first month of the season, to the 15 of the last month of the season, giving each story quest chapter 2 months for submissions.
This allows me to tally up the results of everyones quests, and write out the next chapter for where the story is taking us!

Due to some technical difficulties, the next part will release the 20th this month!
You’ll find that the front page now shows off the monthly raffle character below the featured character of the month! This is an easy quick link for those looking to enter in for the raffle each month.
With that in mind, a beautifully colored avilli by our lovely Sadbloom is up for raffle for the month of march! You can submit entries for raffle tickets up until the last day of march and the winner will be drawn in the first week of April!

Shops have been updated with new stock for the month! Both the Pet Shop and Rhea’s Scavenging have a collection of new things in stock!

Speaking of shops, looks like one of our new NPCs opened her shop in Everdenn!
We now have Savory & Sweets open for your basic cooking recipe needs!

And lastly, but definitely not least, celebrating our community!

Our member of the month this month is Seagull ! Seagull has been a member of Painted Relics for over half a year and they have always been consistently interactive, encouraging, and a delightful member of our little community!

Our featured gallery has a few more entries so be sure to take a peak at the beautiful art our community makes.


As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here! I know we are still learning and growing, and sometimes being a new ARPG that is testing a lot of features is hard! I appreciate every one of you for your time, effort, and friendship! I wouldn't be able to build this little community without you.