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Winter Event - Monsters, Pets, and More

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The winter cold has blown over every part of Kyvalore. Keldeep is colder then usual, but has seen an influx of travelers ready to escape the colder weather of the world. The days are still warm in Talendor and Vitrun, but all explorers know that the nights are rough and to always be prepared for the temperature to drop to dangerous levels.
Most of Kyvalore however is enjoying the winter weather, snow angels, snow avilli and voxi building, sledding, baking warm treats and resting in a time where things seem peaceful.

While resting and taking some time to spend with family and friends, a letter arrives...

You had been called to aid the guards of Durmur, their pleas via letter reaching the farthest parts of Kyvalore. In exchange for shards, room & board, and enough traveller's tokens to get a caravan to carry you all the way to the frozen city and back, they ask for any able willing fighter to help.

New Monster in Durmur, an onogar


You can fight the onogari in a new event quest, Hunt or Hunted, and earn some exclusive monster loot from the battle!


Winter Festivities

Speaking of event quests, the winter event is back!
The magic of winter can be found and harvested with winter essence on your adventures, and the event shop is open to spend your winter essence!
There are three special quests for the event including the new monster hunt, and all current seasonal questing can be redeemed for winter essence instead of shards for spending in the winter shop!
Looks like there's some new winter faces to be found as well:

By participating in an event quest for winter essence, you can redeem a special badge showing you joined in on the event!




And the raffle winner for the Dec raffle is:
Congrats! Your prize will be sent to you shortly!

Next up we have a raffle that I'm super stoked about.
Did you know we hit over 100 avilli on the masterlist? I'm so overwhelmed with joy seeing all the avilli on the list that are enjoyed by so many of you!
To celebrate, this next raffle is special one, a custom design on avilli slot 100! For this event there is a rare chance for a bonus ticket in the special event quests.

You can find the full details of the raffle on it's prompt here!


Both Rhea and Athalie have new stock for you this month!

Both fo them have some nice out of season items if there's anything you were looking for!

Minor Updates

Parts of the encyclopedia have been rearranged to place monsters on their own section! Currently there is a known bug preventing me from deleting previous instances of monsters under the concepts section but that will be addressed hopefully sometime this month.

There is now a notice at the top of the shard guide making a note of the calc system and the changes. We hope to get things adjusted for visual reference soon, but if you ever need to stat out how much a prompt would redeem, you can always open up a prompt and test out different values to get an idea!


December Update - Shards, Items and Advent oh my!

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The last of the autumn leaves has fallen and snow has begun to fall in most places across Kyvalore. Some Kyvalorians have filled in their winter coat, ready to brave to cold and snow on their own, others have bundled up with sweaters, scarves and cloaks to protect them from the biting cold, while even some have taken this time to travel to Keldeep or Talendor, finally take in the colors clay in the canyons, the bright hues of magmic rocks, obsidian, and live temporarily in a warmer part of the world as winter sets in.

It's the beginning of winter!

With the change of the season in Painted Relics, that means that there are all new quests for the winter season!
Find beautiful baubles and ornaments among the markets of Vitrun for the holiday season, collect beautiful winter flowers on the heights of Lynorre, or maybe listen to song and stories keeping warm with cocoa in the taverns of Everdenn.

While you won't spot a bakken waiting to steal your pumpkin pie or hiding to give you a spook till next autumn, you can still keep an eye out for a different seasonal critter! Mirassels have woken up from their long heat hibernation and little footprints have already been spotted in the snow.


With these quests though you might notice something is a little different!

When submitting a quest you now have an auto calculator for shards on a prompt! What this allows is for you to be able to use the drop downs to select what's featured in your art or writing and it will calculate your earnable shards for you. This way you can spend less time with numbers and more time creating!
Before you dive in with the system I want to mention that there are some new bonuses and minor adjustments to take into account.

-Writing now has a location bonus called Intricate Setting!

This is a bonus for creating a deep setting that the character is in. This should be at least a paragraph's worth of details, though not necessarily all in one section, enough to set the scene and give the characters in the story some world to stand on. Unofficial NPCs now are redeemable in writings.

-Writing rewards have received small bumps in payout!
Personal Characters, Another Players Characters, and NPCs have all received a small shard increase.

-Fixed the featured character bonus for art. If you included the featured character in a prompt or art in the last 3 months, you can submit a claim for the difference!

-Due to the new calculation system, in order to make things a bit simpler for the system and for user readability when filling out the form, the character's size is now a multiplier where other values have flat rewards! Headshot is x1 the reward, partial body is x2 the reward, and fullbody is x3 the reward.

If for any reason you are unsure about the new system, are having issues, or things dont seem to add up, you can ask in the discord! We're hoping this new system will make things much easier for players and mods alike, but with any big change I'm sure there are some kinks to work out.




Cant have more recipes without more ingredients, right?



21 new items have been added to the game! Every location has at least 2 new items that can be found while in that location from it's foraging loot bag!

We wanted you to be able to start earnings these items now through questing to save them for new recipes coming soon! I've got big plans with crafting on the horizon and can't wait to reveal more. All of the new items have descriptions, and some of those descriptions might give you a hint of what to save the item for. ;)



It's a beautiful season of wonderful themes and I'm excited to say we have another winter adopt advent this year! We've got some lovely artists joining us with 12 designs in total.
A little calendar for the designs and their themes however will be up next week!

To celebrate the beginning of the winter season and the holidays that many of us partake in, there will also be a little holiday advent on site starting December 16th! Everyday rom the 16th to the 25th you'll be able to get a free little treat!

Last year we hosted our full winter event in December and this proved to be a very hard time to participate for many due to the holidays for both mods and players! I want to make sure that I mention that we havent forgotten the winter event with it's seasonal specialties. The winter event will be in January's update!



Due to the raffle of last update having issues that weren't fixed till very late in the month, that raffle is rolling over through the month of December! Anyone that entered last month for the raffle may enter again this month for additional tickets.

Sorry for the big inconvenience on that guys! Everything is sorted now though so that issue shouldn't come up again!


Both Rhea and Athalie have new stock for you this month!

The ingredients that Astor needs for moth potions are now out of season so moth potions are out of stock until autumn next year.




If you joined in on secret santa, dont forget that your gifts are due from December 25th to January 10th! I cant wait to see everyone's beautiful work!

And as always, don't forget to forage! ♥


November Update - Site Updates & End of Harvest

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I can't believe it's already time for the next announcement!
It's been a crazy month and truly time flew by!

The hallow event was a lovely success and looks like some of you may have even gotten a character infected while out on expeditions. I'm greatly looking forward to some new wereforms!

This month focuses on quality of life updates so may seem small, but if you're in the discord you've probably seen my site changelog updates regarding all the things I've been tinkering away at in the code on the site. This took substantially more time this last month then I had hoped, but I'm excited for the opportunities it opens for us!


This is a bit of a two parter!
First I'd like to announce that coming in the very near future is a shard calculator! This will help calculate your rewards on prompts based on how many words your writing is, or what all you include on your art entries! I am SO thrilled to finally get this added into the game since I know that the shard calculations is something that can feel like a lot and having this calculator will help us be more accessible.

Now, the reason it's not in yet, is we are making a few changes to the way shards art calculated! I'm still in discussion with mods about what feels right and fair for various levels, but we are fleshing out the bonus system and doing some minor tweaks for balance! Due to this I dont want to add in the calculator with the old values just to have to change it up once the new ones were in.
As soon as we have values solidified, then I'll get the calculator up and running!


It's the last month for seasonal questing of the current prompts since next month we'll be rolling into winter prompts!
This is the last month to acquire some seasonal exclusive things such as moth potions for avilli, and the autumn pet bakken!


Don't forget!
If you want to join in and spreading some love for the community, there's just a few more days to sign up for Painted Relics Secret Santa!

You have till November 15th to sign up!


The winner for the October raffle for a MYO slot and a Curse of the Werebeast is Batty !

Dont worry if you didnt win, we've got another seasonally promoting item up for raffle next...
Next raffle is an Avilli MYO slot and a Mutation Potion!

We are having some minor technical difficulties getting the redemption prompt up for this raffle, but I will have it up soon once I figure out what's going on.


Both Rhea and Athalie have new stock for you this month!

While the month of earning hallow corm is over, Fang & Bone's Hallow's Grove shop is remaining open until the end of this month! If you have any left over corn to spend, better spend it before the shop closed till next year!

Also don't forget to swing by the sweet and savory shop sometime this month! Looks like Saffron might have something special for you to pick-up to celebrate the end of harvest!

As always thanks for being here! I love this little community we are creating <3

Hallow Haunt - October Update & Event

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As many Kyvalorians go about their lives, the leaves fall from the trees and the season of Hallow is here. Fang & Bone are both more then excited for another season of tricks and treats, sharing their wares, for hallow corn of course, and the spookys that come with the season, but keep an eye out for a new danger lurks among the world. One that you may have helped bring.

The Hallow Event is live!

There's some new event quests where you can gain hallow corn, or you can do any location quests and choose to redeem hallow corn instead of shards! Just be sure to let us know in the comments of your submission!

Trick or Treat goes till October 31st! Click on the door to knock on Fang & Bone's door!


It also looks like theres a chance of something new in all location and event quests this month... Might want to look into the story quest to find out more!




Weeks have passed since your trip to the island of dread and it's guardian of shadow. Even now, when your guard slips for but a moment, you think you can feel it's eyes upon you. You had brought back the relic the shadow had been presiding over, a broken skull of unknown origins, and given it to Modeus for study. Having mostly shaken off the feelings of that bitter island, it seemed like a lingering bad dream, and things have returned to normalcy. A small knock graces your door. A letter has arrived for you, in a rich brown envelope sealed by intricate wax. Despite it's small and thin profile, you can feel the weight in it as you break the seal.

I hope this letter finds you in fair weather and jolly spirits. An interesting commotion has arrived and I hope to ask for your assistance for one additional task, loathe as I am to inquire so. I do hope our working relationship is well enough to allow your cooperation, for it is quite urgent.

The next few lines had scratch marks and blocks around some of the words, as if it was revised as he was writing it. Either he hadn't wanted to write out a new letter, or had written many already.

I was investigating a new avenue of research out in the forests of the Letan Ruins, east of Lanris, you see. A dive into the connection between the world spirits and the mana of living beings, quite fascinati. In tow I carried that strange artifact you brought to me. I sensed something lingering within, and have been here and there trying to find anything that may stoke it's nascent mana into exposing its secrets. While investigating the forest I was atta


I was attacked by a creature of amazing strength and ferocity. I was overpowered, and had to retreat by using the lunch as bait to lure it away. It resides in the forest still, and I need you to hunt it. It will hurt people if it isn't stopped. Please come to Lanris at your earliest convenience to setout for the ruins, I can send a carriage your way immediately. Come prepared.
And when you go, please try not to hurt the poor boy, would you?

Sounds dangerous, but surely needs some looking into!

This story quest reveals a new mechanic, status effects!
These effects are things that your character can pick up along their journey, and this one looks like quite the big one, the curse of the werebeast!

Read more about the quest and it's requirements HERE.



For the month of Hallow, something lurks about in Kyvalore, but what does this mean?

For every event quest, location quest, or story quest you partake in, you have a change of triggering an attack! If you are attacked then your character becomes infected. This infection allows for you to create a werebeast form for your character if you desire. This infection is nontransferable and stays locked to the character unless you remove the curse with a Mirror of Remembrance.
Attacks are not common but can occur anywhere in Kyvalore, so if you're trying for a curse, it may take a few tries or not at all. It is luck of the draw afterall.

Read all about werebeasts here.



Due to feeling like the members of the month and featured gallery entries each month would become disingenuous when occurring so frequently we've updated Member of the Month to Member of the Season! This will be reflected on the front page of the site within the week!
This also means gallery entries will move to featured once a season. These will occur in the updates in December, March, June, and September!

However of course we will be keeping up with different characters to feature each month, and the monthly raffle!

The winner for the september raffle for a MYO slot and a Moth Potion is SeaCrest!

Dont worry if you didnt win, we've got another seasonally promoting item up for raffle next...
October's raffle is a Voxibell MYO slot and a Beastial Curse!


Both Rhea and Athalie have new stock for you this month!

Fang & Bone's Hallow's Grove shop is open! This shop will remain open until November 20th, though keep in mind you can only redeem hallow corn until 10th!



Moth Potions are seasonal, and while they are in the potion shop now, dont forget to pick one up if you were wanting one before the end of Autumn!

Don’t forget to forage! Each day you have 1 stamina to forage, so make sure you set out and look for some goodies! Sometimes you’ll come back empty handed, but sometimes you might just get really lucky and find quite the treat!

Autumn Harvest Hunt - Scavenger Hunt Update

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The leaves have started to turn color and many Kyvalorians have already rushed to decorate their house in warm autumn hues. The lanterns on the streets flicker in the crisp breeze and the smell of freshly baked pies and sweets dance around neighborhoods. With the change of seasons and the cold time approching around the corver, it looks like there's plenty to do in the season of harvest!

There are 10 harvest baskets hidden on the site so it time to get hunting!

You'll be able to find your first and be able to keep track of your progress HERE !

The sitewide hunt goes until the last day of october so you have plenty of time to get searching!

Beginning Festivities - Autumn Update

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The bite of the cold breeze whisks through the air with a delightful tug at branches and bushes. The leaves swirl in small circles in the fields and pathways, rain trickles on rooftops, roads, and passersby.
Cocoons have formed in the branches of the Life Tree again, their beautiful silk giving life to more moth avilli.
It’s finally autumn!

The autumn season is settling in Kyvalore and it’s time to collect your harvests, experience the change of seasons, and… celebrate?

It’s my birthday month and I’d like to share the festivities with you! This month we’ll be hosting more games in the Discord server like trivia, drawing games, and more! If you’re not in the discord server yet, now’s the perfect time to hop in and chat! A few mods will be running their own activity, so tune in on different days to join in on the fun they have in store for you.

Our current schedule of activities:

Sept 13th - Scavenger Hunt Begins!
Sept 15th - Game with Lawlie
Sept 20th - Game with Emmy
Sept 24th - Game with Sea
Oct 4th - Game with Wisp

Please note that these dates are subject to change but we will do our best to notify you as soon as possible! Our mods’ lives outside of PR do come first!

Do YOU have a birthday?
Of course you do!
Starting now, during your birthday month you can submit a claim saying it’s your birthday that month and a gift will be rewarded to you! You’ll get to pick your own very special birthday gribble. Please keep in mind that while they look edible, they probably don’t taste that good.



The sea beast west of Reim took a few hits from noble Kyvalorians but dipped back into the ocean as the temperature above the waves began to drop.

You get the feeling that they are still thriving beneath the sea, and will return another day.

The battle event has ended, and with the small amount of damage done to the sea beast, he will be back and any bonus rewards for defeating the beast were lost! Be careful on your journeys across the ocean as the knowledge of a deeper threat lurks beneath the waves.

It’s a new season which means there’s a whole set of new prompts for you to jump right into! Time to explore the autumn wilds in Kyvalore, but maybe keep an eye peeled while doing so!

While exploring Kyvalore this month, you may want to take a closer look in the forming puddles, wisps of clouds, or amongst the piles of falling leaves.
Athalie has gotten reports from Kyvalorians all over, sightings of something new roaming about the world. It seems like they are attracted to the autumn weather!

While exploring Kyvalore and doing a location prompt, someone new might just follow you home!

Trait update

Strangely enough it seems avilli have a new special trait, Polydactyl! This trait can be applied with an uncommon bodytype potion to give your avilli thumbs!



I’d like to take another month to honor one of our lovely mods for member of the month! She’s been with PR  as a wonderful helpful mod since the beginning and helps run the fun raffles and giveaways in the Discord! Sadbloom

And our Raffle Winner for the voxibell for last month is TytoArts! Congrats!

Don't worry if you missed out the new Raffle will be up soon, this time a little different of a prize of an avilli MYO slot with a Moth Nectar Potion!

Well have that raffle to enter up shortly!



Both Rhea and Athalie have new stock for you this month!
Rhea seems to have found some leftover goodies from a previous season and Athalie even has found a pet from the newly discovered floating isles of Runearyl!

Astor has also perfected the moth potion for any avilli looking to stretch their wings in a new way, or give themselves a neat little addition! Both Moth Nectar and Minor Moth Nectar Potions have been added to the Potions & Elixirs Shop!


I felt that this month needed an extra blurb to go over some general site updates with everyone! I am currently in the process of working on several different updates for PR! Some of them rely heavily on understanding things that I’m trying to learn as I go, or rely on other updates to get finished! I promise there are bigger things for PR cooking behind the scenes and I wanted to thank you all for being so very patient while I work on it! I’m hoping that all these updates that will eventually come to the site will just make the Painted Relics community experience even better than before.


Don’t forget to forage! Each day you have 1 stamina to forage, so make sure you set out and look for some goodies! Sometimes you’ll come back empty handed, but sometimes you might just get really lucky and find quite the treat!

Go to Foraging !

August Update - Tides of Mana

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As time went on, the stories of found treasures of the sea spread from door to door. Kyvalorians talking about what they'd found on the beach over a cup or tea or in passing in market stalls. Mentions of digging on local beaches, or what they discovered from taking a dive around the shores of Reim. Something was stirring up treasures from deep below the waves and every passing citizen was curious of what more could lay among the uncharted depths.

The air around the beaches and shores was dense with mana, with each push and pull of the tide, waves of an uncertain mana washed up upon the shore. Something began to feel off about it. The mana felt strange, uncertain, and felt like it was getting closer.

More eyes turned to the sea.

Something beneath the depths of the water began to awake; storms began to churn the waters and the skies above the ocean grew dark. Kyvalorians bonded with spirit began to whisper of bad omens of the sea, water attuned Kyvalorians found themselves filled with dread each time they connected with water. Something was wrong.

A ship carrying goods to the town across the sea never made it to their destination.

And then it was spotted.

Broken ship parts and loose trinkets of the crew mates began to wash upon the shore, closely followed by a shadow on the horizon that loomed ever closer and was heading directly to Reim's port.

This is a sitewide event battle!

There is a quest in events to board the ship to fight the monster!

Quest Event Board

The damage you deal damage to the monster and it is tracked with wounds on it's health bar.
The health bar wont be shown until the first attack is made.
This is where you're characters stats stand to the test! Your power and knowledge will help you deal damage to the beast, while your agility and resistance will help you in taking less damage. Bonus damage points are granted to users who are fully bonded with a magic!

Dont forget that equipment can help give your characters a little boost!


Happy August!

The pet contest winners from last month have been added to the game!
Spessa can now be found in Reim quests and Humble can now be found in Lynorre and Everdenn Quests!

There might be some minor downtime this month due to some updates I'm excited to get on the site some of them are fixes for backend work for mods to make our jobs a little easier, but others are fixing some general organization and UI fixes! I'll be sure to let you know when those updates are and if the site is down for them in the discord!

If you're keeping an eye out for the story quests to return, don't worry! They will be returning in September! It's been a bit troublesome to run story quests while events go, so we'll be working on making sure they dont overlap in the future so both mods and players have time to focus on both!


Our new member of the month is QuirkyRabbit! Thank you for being a lovely and friendly face in our discord! <3

Our June raffle has ended, and the winner is;

Dont worry if you missed this last raffle,as Augusts raffle is already up!
Monthly Raffle


Rhea has some new wares in her Scavenging, Fern has some new blooms in her Botanist Shop, and Athalie has some new pets for the month in the pet shop! Be sure to check it out before the end of the month!


The summer event ends at the end of the month, so if you're looking to get your hands on a Sea Keeper's Pearl, learn some new recipes, or collect some of the summer pets dont forget to submit those quests!

Dont forget that due to the surge in mana, shards and coins still have a heightened reward for the remainder of the month! All event prompt currency rewards are multiplied by 1.25!

Don't forget to forage! You can currently forage once a day in the wilderness, rumor says more items have been added to be found as well as you might be needing them for some new recipes in the coming season!

Summer Event - Treasure Trove & New Subtype!

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It’s July, which means our summer event has begun!

Splash on over to the events section on the questboard to find some new quests to undertake. Explore below the waters, along the beaches, and out at sea to collect returning summer items, and a few new things that should put a sparkle in your eye. Old relics of an age long past still have magic imbued in it and it looks like it can still be used!

You can now collect materials for a Sea Keeper’s Pearl! This pearl has strong ancient Kyvalorian magic, and absorbing mana from a Sea Keeper’s Pearl has unlocked a new subtype for both avilli AND voxibells!
The materials for the sea keepers pearl are more easily found in summer, but can be found in questing at port towns Reim and Ardglass the rest of the year!

Introducing Aquarians!


Aquarian voxibells and avilli have access to a few fun fishy traits that allow them to explore the oceans waters easier.
You can read more about this subtype and it’s play in the world of Kyvalore on it’s encyclopedia entries:

Aquarian Subtype

As well as finding all the new traits associated with them!

Aquarian Traits

Please keep in mind we are aware of a small site bug that is causing the alternate types of some of the traits to not link to their individual entry. A fix for this should be out soon, keep an eye on the changelog for this fix!

As for returning items, you can once again find treasure hidden among the shores and expanses of Kyvalore. There are many new event quests that you can get to searching for map pieces to collect(don’t forget to trade with your fellow kyvalorians! A completed map will redeem you a highly rare mythic potion!), crafting materials for seaside potions and summer skewers, and of course that sweet summer coin!

Event Quests

The Captains Shop is back open for the remainder of the summer season and as always has his eye on your coin.

Captain Ravinger's Summer Shop


Monthly Features

Going a little different this month for member of the month since I wanted to make sure we could feature some of the important members of our team too.
Our new member of the month is Corvituus ! He works hard behind the scenes to help brainstorm, craft quests, and keep me sane while I take on too many projects at once and felt there would be no better person to honor with member of the month this time around!

Our June raffle has ended, and the winner is;
HuggableWerewolf !

Dont worry if you missed this last raffle, since we’ve got a new one up for the month of July and their cool look will truly help in this summer heat!

You can find how to enter here:

Monthly raffle

Shop Rotations

Both Rhea and Athalie have new wares for the month of july! Make sure to check out their shops to see if anything strikes your fancy!


Don’t forget voting for the pet contest ends on the 5th, so get your votes in before it closes! I cant wait to find out what new pets get added to the world of Kyvalore!

Vote Here!

Don’t forget to forage! Each day you have 1 stamina to forage, so make sure you set out and look for some goodies! Sometimes you’ll come back empty handed, but sometimes you might just get really lucky and find quite the treat!


Summer In Kyvalore - June Update

Posted 8 months ago :: Last edited 6 months ago by Wisparia

Hello wonderful Kyvalorians!

The spring season has ended, and June brings us the first month of the summer season. We've got plenty to look forward to this season, but let's dig into what we've got for updates this month!

Lets start out with some major trait changes that are coming to voxibells.

Voxibell manabone placement is getting rearranged to make it a much simpler system that allows more freedom to players in terms of where they can place manabone on a voxibell! This change isn't immediate as we have to comb through all the voxibells on the masterlist and fix them up one by one to the new trait system, but dont fret! If for some reason your character's manabone falls into a lower rarity, we'll compensate you with a potion of that rarity. In other cases you might be getting a free rarity upgrade. I'm hoping that these changes will help allow you to have more creative freedom with designing your characters!

Next another game change, is we've added a slight change to the shard count!
A highly rendered bonus. This bonus is for artwork that goes above and beyond what the flat rates of shard counts can compensate. We want to make sure you feel like your effort on your works reaps it's due rewards, so any piece that is deemed highly rendered gained a 1.5 multiplier to it!
For example, if your character was a heavily detailed shaded, colored, lined fullbody for 25 points, but was drawn in a more simplified form, it would then redeem 38 shards.


With the turn of the season, we've got all new prompts in all locations and general prompts! There's plenty to be found, including a prompt that will get you a new summer friend. Looks like he might need some aloe for that burn though...


Ready to start hunting?
Painted Relics now has foraging! You can visit the foraging page on the site [HERE] to set out and look for treasures once a day! Currently there is only one location to forage, but we are planning on adding more with time. Good luck hunting!

Another little site update, but a big one for quality of life, is site searching! From the guidebook dropdown, you can now find a Site Search button! It'll take you to this nifty page [HERE] where a small team of pets will help you find what you're looking for.
You'll be able to search the site for key words, like gribble, and pull up anything from news, pets, pages, or prompts that mention a gribble. How exciting!

And for our new monthly features;

Our new member of the month is OwenStardust ! Thank you for being part of our little community!

And our May's raffle winner is @Corv ! I'll be sending the wyvern voxi your way soon!

June's raffle is up though, and we're already feeling the heat...

You can find where to enter for June's [HERE] !

That about sums it up for this part of June! 
And starting in July we'll be hosting another Summer Event! You'll be able to earn those summer goodies again with maybe something even more special splashing in. I can't wait to show you what we've been cooking up!

As always thank you for being here, and I look forward to seeing all your wonderful creations this month!

Pet Contest Voting Time!

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It's time to vote!
We had 6 lovely entries to the pet contest for Painted Relics so now it's time to throw in your vote for the next pet that gets added to the game!
You only get one vote so make sure you pick your favorite! One pet will be picked by the community by vote, and another entry will be picked by the mod team! Voting will close on July 5th and the winners will be announced and awarded on July 8th!