Levels, Experience, & Stats

Through Painted Relics quests, you and your characters can gain experience that will allow you to access more areas, a wider variety of prompts, or even access items that otherwise couldn't be used.

User experience will reflect on your user page in the upper right-hand corner and you can always check how much experience you have gained by clicking on the Level Log on the left hand sidebar on your profile page.

Some levels even have bonus items or shards!

Experience is currently gained solely through completing quests. Monthly Quests will redeem you 10 user experience, and 5 character experience for the focus character.

Larger Quests that relate to building the story of Painted Relics will redeem you more.


Characters also have stats! These stats will help you in filling out prompts and quests for each area. You can increase your stats by leveling your character, or sometimes special prompts or gear will give you stat bonuses as well.

The stats that a character will have are:

This reflects the health of your character and will reflect when they take damage. When your character is at 0, you cannot use this character for prompts until they are healed.

This is your character's magic power! There are a lot of quests that will require you to use magic to complete them, and therefore your mana will deplete. Your character will not be able to complete quests that would use more mana then they have to give.

This is the strength of your character in physical situations. This is what stat is important for battle quests and events, or quests that require brute strength.

This is how much your character knows, and therefore would be able to handle situations with a need for those that are quick witted and knowledgeable. When a character uses magic this stat comes into play for battles. Some say there is a certain secret spell only those with a high knowledge stat can learn. 

This is the speed of your character! This helps determine whether you can dodge critical attacks in a battle quest. While this doesn't come into play very often, there are certain bonuses you will be able to reap with a high agility stat from rare quests.

This is how personable your character is. This is a common stat needed for quests regarding trade, bartering, and political negotiations.

This is how good your character is at resilience. When Quests have a chance to hurt you, they will hurt you less(or even not at all!) with a high resistance. This is your resistance for both magical, and physical attacks.