Welcome to voxibells! Here you'll find all the basic info on what voxies are, where they come from, and general tidbits about them. You can click on the buttons below to navigate to other pages that go into depth on other aspects of the Voxibell species.

Voxibell Traits


 Voxibells are one of the most magical species that exist on Kyvalore. 

When they first emerged in the rebirth of the world, they emerged from the purest manastone on the surface located in the center of Lanris Grove.

This crystal is the most sacred artifact to the Voxies. It glows and shines with stars like the night sky is dancing within it. and if one stands close enough they can hear the bells and chimes of young voxi souls. It is believed that each star that dances within the crystal is a voxibell life, waiting to be born.

Most voxi pups will emerge on their own when their soul is ready and then be placed in a nursery for young voxies, There is a small nursery in every voxibell city in hopes that they they can continue to raise voxies in different cultures. They are raised here until they are adopted, or until they reach adulthood and can venture on their own.

Sometimes, you can have a voxi pup be born intentionally.
For a voxi pup to be born in this way, the parent, or parents, hold a vigil with the crystal. Pressing their nose to the warm stone they go into a meditative state with the crystal and begin searching the stone to find a soul that they bond with and can call to emerge.

When a voxi reaches the end of it's life, they are given a full celebration of life. These celebrations are referred to as their 'Last Voyage' and are always done on the first clear night after the voxies death. The voxi is wrapped in silks and surrounded in beautiful flowers and crystals as gifts from each voxi or avilli that knew them. The night is then filled with Voxi song, food, and stories. They go through the night until just before dawn. At this time, they circle the voxibell and bow their heads and let their mana sing. 

The mana song of voxies calls on the deceased voxibell, and at this point they find true peace. They dissolve into manalights and become part of the earth once again, ready for it's mana to return to the cycle of magic for the next generation.
Singular: Voxibell, Voxi
Plural: Voxibells, VoxiesPicture
Voxi pups are small and lanky! Generally needing to grow into their large ears and long legs.

Voxibells are not born with any visible manabone. As they age their manabone will slowly grow, and they are not deemed an adult until it is fully grown in.


Height: 2.5 to 3 feet tall from paw to shoulder.
Length: 4 to 5 feet long 
Weight: 90 to 170 lbs

Lifespan: Due to the magical power of Kyvalore, Voxibells lifespan ranges drastically. Their full lifespan can range anywhere from 50 years, to 150 years.

Adulthood: A Voxibell isn't deemed an adult until it's manabone stops growing! This generally happens between year 15 and year 20.


Starting Stats

10 HP
10 MP
12 STR
12 DEF
10 KNW


A Voxi Diet

Voxies are omnivorous, eating everything from fruits, to nuts, to fish and livestock.
While their primary diet consists of fish, it isn't uncommon to find voxies living a specific diet lifestyle depending on their own preference or based on the culture of the city they grew up in.


Basic Voxi Anatomy

  • Voxies are a large canine-like species with a long neck, broad shoulders, and a large wet nose like a deer. They have horns, claws, and sometimes spine-like protrusions made of manabone. Manabone is nearly indestructible, and therefore incredibly strong.

  • ​The front feet of a voxibell have 4 toes and one thumb. This thumb is completely functional for grabbing and holding things. There is one pawpad on each toe, one central one, and two pads on the thumb.
    The back feet of a voxi only has 4 toes, one pawpad for each and one large central pad.

  • Voxi 'claws' aren't really claws! They are bone protrutions made of manabone. When a voxi runs, the manabone hitting the ground rings out beautiful chimes and bells.

  • With Voxibells being omnivorous with a general preference of fish, voxies have large canine teeth and pointed molars. Their tongue is round and long enough to hang out of their mouth like a dog.

-Voxi skeleton done by IcarusRising !



Voxibell BodyTypes

Here's an easy refrence guide to the sizes of different voxibells.
From left to right you'll find a pygmy voxibell, a standard voxibell, a lithe voxibell, and a dire voxibell.