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Site Owner & Creator

Wisparia Wisparia
Wisp || She/Her || USA

Hello I'm Wisp! I'm the owner and creator of Painted Relics and the world of Kyvalore! I am an artist and coder and love to world build. There's so many things I have in store for the group and we are only just getting started! I handle a bit of everything on the site, the code, assets, lore, designs, and honestly anything I can fit into my schedule as well as guideing the team as we continue to explore this wonderful magical world.
I hope to see you along the journey!



The staff team of Painted Relics! Staff is in charge of helping coordinate events, write and approve quests, brainstorm new content, create assets and more! Truly the best team anyone could ask for.

Sadbloom Sadbloom

Bloom || she/her || EST

Avid avilli collector who makes pixels for the game!

Five Five


Everyone's favorite numeral! I help out in the shadows with lore, story, and prompts! I'm a miniature painter at heart, like my music heavy and my bass deeep. I'm expanding on my hobbies and helping out with Painted Relics has been the perfect excuse to try new things!

sardoniczero sardoniczero

|| sou || 25 || he/she/they ||

Dome by FoxFrost143!

Hello! My name is Sou and I'm a quest and claims approval mod for Painted Relics, but I also dabble in design updates and new character approvals! I've been an avid lover of Painted Relics since the beginning. I absolutely love world building and character creation as evidenced by my multitude of babies lol 

I promise I don't bite! I love to chat, so feel free to pester me! I really hope you enjoy your time with us!

FoxFrost143 did the chibi!

Lawlie Lawlie

hi I'm Lawlie!! I help with writing approval and sometimes art. I'm most likely always available, thinking about world domination with my voxibells.

SeaCrest SeaCrest

Sea // she/her // GMT-7

Hello! I'm Sea, or SeaCrest. I'm one of the moderators and social media managers for Painted Relics! I work full time as an engineer, but I dabble in writing, art, and coding as well. You'll see me in every queue, with a special focus on writing. I also run around the site to help with writing guides, formatting information, and general housekeeping!


ducclord ducclord

Ducc || He/Him || UTC +10:30

Howdy! I'm ducc and I do the quest approvals! When I'm not approvin', I'm out and about collecting pets and makin voxis!

Newt Newt
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Guest Artist

Creates Painted Relics adoptables!

Eldritch-Aberrance Eldritch-Aberrance


they / them


H e l l o . 
I'm Eldritch, a GA here for Painted Relics! 

I enjoy, as my name suggests, eldritch abominations and cosmic horrors.  My specialty is in making somewhat creepy and strange designs or otherwise magically inclined characters.

Seagull Seagull

Gull | They/Them / New Zealand

Hi, I'm Gull! I love character design, especially Avilli and Aquarians.

fyre fyre
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Vaitael Vaitael

She/They | 21+ | ♋︎ | EST

Freelance Digital Artist and Character Designer

Hello, hello! Call me Vai, if you'd like! I have a passion for world building, character development, and design. Along with running my own ARPG, I enjoy guest designing for others! I adore RP, Legend of Zelda, and Bubble Tea! 

Kamodo030 Kamodo030
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