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As soon as you enter the city, the smells of fresh baked goods and sea air hit your nose. The sounds of manabone song on cobblestone, wings fluttering in the streets, the distant crashing waves and the sounds of a multitude of conversation. Ardglass, a city where all species, backgrounds, and morals lay mixed without respite.

Ardglass is probably the largest and busiest port in all of Kyvalore. The city built stretched along the eastern coast of the largest body of Kyvalorian land, it is a rare occasion to see the docks as anything other than bustling with ships, cargo, and sailors. This constant influx of comings and goings from all sorts of travelers keep Ardglass consistently busy and full of movement. All kinds of travelers truly means all kinds however, as some areas and taverns are safer than others depending on who frequents them.

Ardglass visually looks like several towns placed together. Some buildings made new with beautiful signs, tapestries, and finely carved wooden decor, while others build from old ruins, crumbling marble, and torn cloth draped over doorways. For those who live in Ardglass, it can vary from being a city of many riches from all the traders and interesting folk who pass through, or a hard life, living on the streets of a bustling city. Without shards to get you anywhere, it is a hard town to make a living in. This atmosphere has created those who live well among the city, in their lavish homes with jewels and the best food money can buy, but also thieves, and pirates consistently loom looking for loot, work, and rumors of treasure on the high seas.

All sorts of shops can be found in Ardglass. Ones you'd expect and ones you never would, selling all kinds of exotic and weird goods. There's a market for almost anything in the city, and most of these shops do quite well for themselves. Delicacies of every variety can be found in the cobblestone streets, the smell of all these delicious and hearty foods filling the air with a mouth-watering smell. The city winds around itself like a maze, wooden homes stuffed side by side with flame lit lanterns dangling on iron poles to mark your way. All roads lead to the Watcher, they say, for in the center of town resides a fountain and rising to the center is an intricate stone statue depicting a large, imposing dragon-like creature with eyes that seem to watch from all directions. A large plume of water shoots from its mouth like fire, feeding the rest of the ornate stone sculpture.

SCHOOLS OF MAGIC: Water & Shadow

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