Aetherin Forest


This sprawling lush woodland is like a sanctuary stuck in time. No matter what time of year it may be on the Kyvalorian calendar, it is always autumn here in the Aethrin Forest. The trees are alight in warm vibrant hues, the leaves crunchy and the air so brittle it feels like you could just reach out and snap the air itself in your paw. Birds are singing, bugs are buzzing, the whole forest is rife with life. The water that flows through the forest is cleaner and clearer than the water just outside it's boundaries, the fish inside larger and healthier. The hollows are filled with squeaks and chatter as creatures prepare a bounty for a winter that will never come. Of any kind of civilization, there is no sign. No settlements, structures, or even abandoned campfires betray any who has come before you. Just being here puts you at ease, and gives your heart a sense of peace and reassurance.