Grave Isles


The journey is long and treacherous, no matter how many times you’ve visited or the prowess of your guide. The Grave Isle is a foreboding rock of dirt and bone, even just existing on the island fills you with a sense of dread and foreboding.The sun-bleached remains of creatures long past litter the island, overgrown by only the most hardy and invasive of plant species, themselves protected by tough inedible stalks or vicious thorns. Looming outcroppings and hills, barely holding back treacherous mudslides guard eroded passageways into rotting forests, where the scuttling of legs and whispering of the leaves betrays the presence of life that can do whatever it takes to survive in such a dead and forgotten place. The only sign that any kind of civilization has even visited the island are long abandoned relics and trinkets buried in the dirt. Ancient pottery, tools, and other trinkets of unknown purpose can be found scattered among the remains. How they came to be so broken, so abandoned and scattered among the remains of the fallen is a story you aren't sure you want the answer to.