Can be home to characters.

Far away and high above did a society hide itself away. Past the northwestern borders of sea-level Kyvalore, the floating land masses of Runaryl weaved in and out of the clouds. Runaryl is made up of islands interconnected to each other through various means, much a sister to the island city of Lynnore. It too is only accessible to those who can fly, be it with wings or those skilled enough in air magic to propel them. It is here that the wyvern voxibells live. This subspecies of voxibell are generally larger and tougher than their land-based kin. They are gifted with mighty wings in which they can soar the skies like any avilli, not that any can claim to have done so until recently.

Runaryl's very existence was only known to a few. The wyvern voxibells have kept to themselves sequestered away on Runaryl for as long as any can remember. They took the pain and the lessons of the Old World much harder than the rest of the world. They saw the danger of the corruption and the tainted magic not as a beast that had perished with rebirth, but a cancer lurking at the heart of all things. They left the earth to itself, to heal away from their plying claws. They chose not to rebuild the ruins of the past but to instead live in them as they stood, a testament and reminder of everything that came before. The only improvements they allowed themselves was to use the native flora, such as vines and large leaves, to provide themselves with shelter.

And large are the leaves indeed. The entire floating region is thick with plant life of all kinds. Trunks as wide as family huts stretch up 40+ meters in the air, individual leaves as large as the average wyvern voxibell. Through this thick jungle you must be weary of the carnivorous plants, the poisonous plants, or the combination thereof, while also tracking your trail. Near constant clouds cover the land that isn't dusted in mist from the rivers of Runaryl running off the island edges, obscuring sight and making even regular trips difficult.

Despite this self imposed exile after the fall of Old Kyvalore, Runaryl does very well for itself. Throughout it's islands it has all of the food, water and resources needed for it's citizens to flourish. It even has a bustling market of it's own, for all of it's residents to come together and share the wealth of the floating island with each other, and the few outside visitors it does get.