Can be home to characters.

Durmur is a city always covered in a thick, pure white blanket of snow. It rests high atop the northern mountain range, out of reach by any not willing to brave the biting cold and ice. The temperature in the peaks remains so cold that even flight to the city is unheard of, the chilling wind quickly freezing feathers and wings rendering them useless. Steep stone roads that twist and wind around the mountains ridges lead to the gate of Durmur, built into the side of the mountain itself. The gate adorned with intricate carvings and golden embellishments, two massive stone doors where guards dilligently stand guard daily in order to protect from the unwelcome.

​The true city hides in the rocky skin of the peaks where it is much easier for it's residents to heat and keep warm. The interior of the mountain is lit by glowstone veins, luminescent ore melted down and poured in the cracks of the mountain stone walls, creating a macro-pattern of light and gold stretching around the city. Large thick pillars with draping tapestries and banners line each hall and the large opening where the main center of Durmur lies. Towering houses made of stone with bright glowstone veins scatter across the the primary cavern built into the walls with stone steps leading to each level.

Despite Durmur being hard to enter and therefore hard to leave, it still is home to many. Some stay for the thriving community, but most for the riches that Durmur has the ability to bestow. All kinds of valuable treasure can be found filling the city with those with the will to mine it out. Precious gems, jewels and metals can be found and mined within the mountain depths. Even pure manastone can be found if one looks hard enough. Researchers are also very common here as relics of an age long past buried deep within the stone can be found. What mysteries they hide have not yet be discovered however.


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