Can be home to characters.

Everdenn is a large town with a small amount of goings-on. A farm town laid atop verdant fields and fertile soil that is widely and efficiently used. Miles and miles of orchards and farmland fill most of the space in the town, tended to by diligent farmers. Everdenn provides much of the fresh food traded in Kyvalore, as well as materials like wool, leather, and other animal-produced materials.

Each pathway in this quaint small village is made of dirt and adorned with cobble fencing along it's sides, guiding any travelers along the winding roads past fields and fields of greenery. The small houses lay in clusters towards the center of the town, but the farther you stray from the heart, the more sparse the housing becomes as the more farmland stands between you and the next residence. Each farmland tended to have it's own way of organization, some laid in rows of fruit tries one after another, while others had small grids of various glistening fruits and ripe vegetables.

At the heart of Everdenn lies the main cluster of buildings, small cottages where those with less farmland live along the winding trails and larger buildings like a town hall, trading posts, and a single tavern. 'The Travellers Nook' it's called. A small building made of a dark oak wood with ivory white curtains and tablecloths with deep rich blue embroidery decorating the hems. While The Travelers Nook is a larger building in the town of Everdenn, it was comparatively quite small to taverns in other towns, but Everdenn never had reason for another tavern as the late night crowd was never large enough to justify a second.

They say that the best time in Everdenn is the autumn, where the plants are so ripe and some farmers have so much left after good years that they practically hold endless feasts in the tavern for travelers and trade good food for any good story.


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