Can be home to characters.

Distant from the mainland of Kyvalore, Keldeep stands isolated on Hellmouth Island. Hellmouth, known for it's volcanic activity and overbearing heat, holds little of importance to a growing and expanding world of civilizations, yet some have still made it their home.

Blackened dirt lining the paths that lead to very few trade booths with goods from other regions and the housing of the few residents that reside. These buildings made of strong stones and even stronger metals are small, with fire-proof fabrics  as flooring, stretched tightly a few inches from the ground in order to provide some space away from the searing heat on the paws. Most beds are hammock-like, with a window on each side of the wall, hoping to catch a breeze through the household.

Keldeep stands squarely on the shoulders of those too stubborn to admit that this place is nearly uninhabitable. Some are here because they have been cast from another society and seeking refuge amongst such a different atmosphere, some traders, here to deliver wares and acquire runes and obsidian only found in this location, others remain with the intent to truly enhance fire magic. These dwellers determined to make better use of fire then those  in Vitrun who use fire for petty deeds like glass-making, fireworks, and aesthetic appeal. Those who dwell here study the volcanos, hoping to one day be able to control the magma itself, though none yet have been able to do so.