Can be home to characters.

Lanris, the city where the voxibells first emerged on Kyvalore, is held with the highest regard by both voxibells and avilli alike. All who enter here can feel the strong pull of mana towards the center where the Life Crystal stands.

It is a city of color, of magic, and hope. Cottage-like houses decorated in colors of all sorts, arcane circles and runes drawn onto the streets as protection rites and blessings to all those who walk upon them. Large pillars with banners wave in the breeze with torches on each side lit with rainbows of mana. Small fences around each cottage marking their property and an abundance of trees surrounding the large city nestling the town in a peaceful atmosphere. Knights and trained arcane mages stand guard around the crystal, allowing most through, but protecting it from those who wish to do harm.

Unlike the avilli main city Lynorre, where voxies are unable to enter, avilli are welcome freely here. Many live here amonst the voxibells happily integrating with society, others are merely here temporarily for Lanris's school of magics. While it teaches all sorts of magic, it specializes in the arcane and the light, these specializations not found at other schools. The city is known for it's consistently calm and bright atmosphere, providing the perfect enviroment for the study of mind and light. Ran by a council of voxies, the city keeps up ordinances to keep peace and equality to those who dwell within it's boundaries. 

When the voxibells first emerged from the crystal, they built their homes around it to study it, and built their own beginning in the world. Now the city has grown and has become filled with both voxies and avilli to build up a full city, worthy of the power of the Life Crystal.

SCHOOLS OF MAGIC: Light & Arcane