Can be home to characters.

To gaze upon the city of Lynorre is to gaze upon an archipelago given flight. This city-chain rises high off the coast, shadowing the valley below that it watches over. The ground underneath each island stretches deep below it like a mountain turned upside down, and yet still rests high above the ground. Unless you can fly, you cannot reach any part of Lynorre. This reserves the city exclusively to the Avilli. Many structures even exist purely on the underside of the island, requiring wings simply to reach the front door even if one did find themselves on the surface of Lynorre.

The main island is by far the largest, home to the largest structures and greenery. The floating landscape is dotted with clusters of white and grey buildings, edged with gold and overgrown with moss and vines. Flags of all sizes and shapes flow in the hard breeze displaying family crests and business emblems. Of particular note is a massive tree that rises far above any other building in Lynnore, the Life Tree. This tree not only provides safe shelter to many of Lynorre's residents, but also supplies them with a vast reserve of magic and believed to be the place where Avilli first were born onto Kyvalore. This has attracted many Avilli trained in magic to Lynorre, primarily those schooled in air magic.

Surrounding Lynorre, but still residing on the mainland of the floating islands, large fields of flowers of all sorts lay beyond the cities edge. Though none more interesting than the field's Everbloom. Everbloom flowers are magical at their core, drawing from the Life Tree and bloom in any season. These flowers are looked upon as almost a sacred item to the avilli and it is believed that if any pick without good enough reason, a great misfortune will befall them.