Can be home to characters.

Talendor is nestled within the heart the Broken Spires, an island of steep cliffs and brown crags jutting out of the sea to the east of Durmur. It takes a hardy breed to make a living in and around Talendor, for the Spires are mostly inhospitable outside of the plant and animal life native to the region. Even in Talendor necessities like a steady supply of water, or food are not guarantees. No oasis feeds into Talendor, only a few rivers and streams in which to satiate the entire town. The town itself is mostly dug into the side of a canyon to the north of the Spires. Many buildings and homes are dug into the cliff faces, as well as sturdy scaffolding left over from a previous age, and many have moved into the abodes with little issues, as much as that can be said in the climate. Many archaeologists flock to Talendor, braving it's dangers for the artifacts found beneath the surface that so far haven't been found anywhere else, as well as vast remains of the Great Monsters, behemoths who's true form can still only be guessed at. This town serves another purpose to many, for a place of escape from those who would do them harm or lock them up. Few go to Talendor without great reason, and many have found that they themselves are not a good enough reason, and can keep the freedom they seek in the outlands of Kyvalore.