Voxi-048: Nox

Owned by SporkoRyk

Nox is an old man, he's tired and grumpy and not too sure about the things going around him. He just wants to live a comfortable life, but upon meeting Swoop when they found each other in a city together. Nox likes his place warm; his house is filled with candles and blankets, and he's planning to become a light or fire mage when he get's around to studying his magic. Nox keeps himself modest, not taking too much with him, often just taking Tipple(His pet given by Swoop) and a small double sidebag. Nox is afraid of heights and falling; and he's not too fond of having to go into ruins with Swoop when he gets pulled along. Nox likes sweets and cakes, as well as chocolate and minty things. To most, Nox seems like an arrogant bastard who has no soul and doesn't like anything, but he's actually just a friend who's easily overstimulated and gets snappy when he gets grumpy.

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