Claim (#2173) Approved

27 November 2023, 21:28:18 PST (2 months ago)
28 November 2023, 09:29:58 PST (2 months ago) by SeaCrest
Submitting for the rare flora bouquet!
Reward Amount
Rare Flora Bouquet 1

These items have been removed from the claimant's inventory and will be refunded if the request is rejected or consumed if it is approved.

Item Source Notes Quantity
Blushing Cup Blushing Cup Received rewards from opening Everdenn Foraging N/A 1
Glowbloom Glowbloom Received rewards from opening Fayewood Foraging N/A 1
Ringing Bell Ringing Bell Received rewards from opening Lanris Foraging N/A 1
Desert Rose Desert Rose Received rewards from opening Vitrun Foraging N/A 1
Icespine Thistle Icespine Thistle Purchased from Botanist's Shop by sardoniczero for 35 Shards. Purchased 31 October 2022, 00:07:44 PDT 1
Azure Star Azure Star missed from prompt reward N/A 1
Pink Comet Pink Comet Received rewards from opening Reim Foraging N/A 1
Everbloom Everbloom Purchased from Rhea's Scavenging by sardoniczero for 30 Shards. Purchased 24 October 2023, 14:34:01 PDT 1