Potions & Elixirs

You are momentarily blinded entering the potion shop, a fog of various colors rushing around you to escape as you push past them. It is dark in the wide space, most of the light from the ceiling blocked by bushels of hanging herbs set out to dry. You watch your step, the fog from before still hanging on the floor and hiding your feet from you, almost daring you to knock over one of the shelves. The shelves are many, running straight down in narrow aisles, filled to the brim with an assortment of ingredients and ready-made potions, in no apparent order.
A pointed, wide brimmed hat catches your eye as it dashes between shelves, the shopkeeper keeping themselves busy. Making your way up front, you find a small feline-like critter sleeping away at the counter, back-lit by an ominous glow behind curtains leading to a staff room. Against the side wall is a couple large, bubble cauldrons of various colors and viscosity. Ladles hang on the sides for you to refill the jugs you brought with you. You're pretty sure one of them is just fish stew.