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In Search of an Adventurer
In Search of an Adventurer


The window was bright with the light of the midday sun. The clear glass pane drank in the sky’s glow completely, promising an easy, relaxing day. This day was interrupted as a shadow passed over the window, a sharp *tick tick tick tick* following as something rapped agaist the pane. Standing now in your window, perched on the outer ledge, was an aeirbis. A regal white, with midnight blue star patterning across it’s chest. Around it’s neck was a rolled parchment tied by string. It stared right at you with fierce yellow eyes, tapping the glass again. *Tick tick*.

Opening the window the aeirbis suddenly beats it’s large wings, distracting you just long enough to make it’s way inside. It rips the note off it’s neck before making a quick pass of your chamber, eyeing any food, but refusing to take any. It leaps back out of the window almost as soon as it arrived, probably hurrying back to whomever sent it. The note is folded over, sealed by a wax stamped by the sigil of the school of Crystal Sight.


It reads as follows:

“I hope this letter finds you in good spirits! I find myself in a bit of a predicament, and your name has been passed through a few ears to reach my own. I seek adventurers, you see, souls like yourself. A unique exploratory opportunity has presented itself that I cannot pass up, but I need help if my research is to succeed. I can promise you passage to ancient ruins unseen by any who live nor those who preceded them. A daring adventure, and a look into the long forgotten past of Kyvalore. If you would be so kind, could you find me at the Siemion Building Room 236 at the Academy of Crystal Sight? Please bring this letter with you so that there is no question to you belonging on campus.

With kindest regards,

Professor Modeous”


You decide to offer your help to Modeous, and so make your way to the school. Foot traffic is light this time of day. You receive some brief greetings from those you pass by as you make your way from one street to the next. Hanging baskets from lamp posts mark each intersection. In the center of each is carved a magic circle, laid carefully into each cobble brick to emanate a low magical pulse. It keeps the ice from forming in the winter time, and the bricks remain cool even under the hottest sun. Similar circles of various purposes can be found throughout Lanris, built into the architecture to help make life more comfortable in the background without interrupting the town’s image. 

Passing from the residential neighborhoods into the commercial district, you start to see the school of Crystal Sight in the distance. Multiple spires of sharp angled tiles mark the hexagon shape of the campus. A large clocktower takes shape in the middle, it’s clock slowly rotating in place so that all of Lanris may utilize it. 

You cross through the massive ornamental gate onto the campus of the school. Multiple rows of large buildings tower over you as gaggles of students pass between them. Siemion Building, room 236, right?

Draw or Write about your character exploring the Academy of Crystal Sight to find Modeous. How do they react to the large glass windows, and towering shelves of books? Do they get lost looking for room 236 or do they find it right away? Is this their first time at the academy?


This is part of a location questline!

Location questlines put your character directly into a story of that location. While the story is directed with each prompt, you still have different ways to address the situation!  Each part of the questline will unlock the next part for you to continue on your adventure! Be warned though, there may be dangers ahead so your kyvalorian better be prepared for the journey(and stat checks!).

Each step of the quest will reward you with bonus rewards, some of them exclusive to that questline. Once the questline is completed your character will earn a special badge showing it!

Your character must be in the location for your quest to be accepted.

Minimum Drawing Requirements:
1 fullbody character and an advanced background.
Minimum Writing Requirements:
1200 words

Please submit it with standard shard breakdown for your work.


Reward Amount
Lanris Foraging 2
User EXP 25
Character EXP 25
Hypothetically Speaking…
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This prompt requires you to have completed In Search of an Adventurer 1 time.

You cannot view any details until you have completed the prerequisite.

Return to the Books

Hope you have already gotten all your school supplies!


Fall is upon us, and for many young Kyvalorians, it is time to return to the books! The halls of Lanris’s famous schools are bustling with activity as students move between classes, carrying new textbooks and fresh paper, eager to learn. Even beyond the hallowed halls of learning, the city is alive with scholarly fervor; merchants offer student discounts on everything from ink and pens to new outfits, while eager would-be students clamor to hear stories from their older siblings. 


Draw or write about your character preparing for or attending class! Are they new to the school, or is this their final year? Do they study with friends or do they do better studying alone?


Drawing Requirements:

A partial body character and a basic background


Writing Requirements:

650 words minimum


Reward Amount
User EXP 10
Character EXP 10
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