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The Weary Merchant


Upon perusing the wares of the shops you stumble upon a merchant with the strangest stock. Upon his table, covered in dust and dirt from age, lay artifacts of an age long past. Towers of old handpainted pots, weapons of all shapes and sizes, and relics with unreadable runes. Two things that stand out to you, almost beckiningly are a few strange coins with old runes and a uneasy aura of magic around them, and a few small stone bird statues that could fit in the palm of your hand.

Draw or write about your character perusing this odd shop and obtaining one(1) of these two items.

This is a story quest for characters who did not previously gain either the strange coin or the bird statuette in a previous quest OR if you obtained an item and would like to use this prompt to now trade the item for the other if that character has not yet entered the Grave Isle or the Aetherin Forest.

While this quest does not affect the story of Kyvalore like other Story quests, this quest lets you get an item needed so you can participate in a current story quest or an item that lets your character gather rewards.

Drawing Requirements:

A partial body character, the cloaked traveler, and an advanced background

Writing Requirements:

800 words

Please submit it with standard shard breakdown for your work in the comments as well as let us know which item to grant you!


Reward Amount
User EXP 10
Character EXP 10
A Moon Fated Hunt
A Moon Fated Hunt


 Havent completed previous story quests? That's okay, you dont need to for this one!
If you'd like to for completion or redeem the legacy rewards, you can find them here!
If you'd like to read Rhea's part of the story, you can do so here!


Weeks have passed since your trip to the island of dread and it's guardian of shadow. Even now, when your guard slips for but a moment, you think you can feel it's eyes upon you. You had brought back the relic the shadow had been presiding over, a broken skull of unknown origins, and given it to Modeus for study. Having mostly shaken off the feelings of that bitter island, it seemed like a lingering bad dream, and things have returned to normalcy. A small knock graces your door. A letter has arrived for you, in a rich brown envelope sealed by intricate wax. Despite it's small and thin profile, you can feel the weight in it as you break the seal.

I hope this letter finds you in fair weather and jolly spirits. An interesting commotion has arrived and I hope to ask for your assistance for one additional task, loathe as I am to inquire so. I do hope our working relationship is well enough to allow your cooperation, for it is quite urgent.
The next few lines had scratch marks and blocks around some of the words, as if it was revised as he was writing it. Either he hadn't wanted to write out a new letter, or had written many already. I was investigating a new avenue of research out in the forests of the Letan Ruins, east of Lanris, you see. A dive into the connection between the World Spirit and the mana of living beings, quite fascinati. In tow I carried that strange artifact you brought to me. I sensed something lingering within, and have been here and there trying to find anything that may stoke it's nascent mana into exposing its secrets. While investigating the forest I was atta
I was attacked by a creature of amazing strength and ferocity. I was overpowered, and had to retreat by using the lunch as bait to lure it away. It resides in the forest still, and I need you to hunt it. It will hurt people if it isn't stopped. Please come to Lanris at your earliest convenience to setout for the ruins, I can send a carriage your way immediately. Come prepared.
And when you go, please try not to hurt the poor boy, would you?


This is a main story quest!
Unlike most quests this one is not a multiple choice!
In this quest you will explore the Letan Ruins to hunt for a beast.

You must have your character at a location to participate in the quest. However participating in this quest will move your character to Lanris.

In doing this quest, you are risking your safety and have a chance of becoming infected.
But by helping catch the lurking evil, you may be able to find out more about what lies under the surface of the corrupted mana.

Also unlike most story quests, this quest is repeatable!

Kyvalore’s fate rests within your story.


Draw or write about your character exploring the Letan Ruins in hunt of whatever attacked Modeous. How afraid of the dark are they when things surely DO go bump in the night? Do they find anything of use? What noises do they hear? Are there other things lurking about in the ruins they find useful or interesting?


Drawing Requirements:
A fullbody character, and an advanced background

Writing Requirements:
1500 words

Please submit you quest with standard shard breakdown for your work in the comments!


Reward Amount
User EXP 25
Character EXP 25
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