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You Met in a Tavern...


Ardglass is an intersection. An intersection of countless streets shaded by row upon row of buildings. An intersection of trade, as the largest port city in all of Kyvalore. An intersection of culture, as all those who deliver goods to and from the port mingle and cross each other's lives. This, and much more. Currently you are dealing with the intersection of sea spray and your face, as a wave crashes against the dock you are standing on.
Protecting your bag of letters, you accept one more from the shipmaster before they return to their moderate sized, barnacle crusted vessel. The Portman’s Call, this letter was destined to, the last one to be delivered before your obligations were finished. The sun still had a few hours left before it hit the horizon, so there was still plenty of time left for activities afterward. Shaking off the seawater, you make your way off the docks and onto the roughly cobbled streets of Ardglass proper.  

The buildings are tightly packed and irregular in their design. Some are single storied, others two or even three stories tall. Streets and alleyways intersect at slightly irregular intervals, the impression given that infrastructure was added wherever there was room to fit something new, when the town was originally constructed. The main commonality between them was creamy walls of various aged tones of brown and green, and similarly with red clay shingle roofing. Weaving your way through a decently large press of other travelers and traders, you take in the sights sounds and smells of Ardglass. The warm buttery embrace of Lynorre pastries wafts past you from a nearby bakery, as you eye a stand selling the freshest of Everdenn’s fruit.
Passerby’s are clanging mugs together of drink brought all the way down from the height of  Durmur’s peak, and they rip at flanks of Fayewood’s meats. The sounds of laughter from nearby inns, clattering of wooden wheels against the stone, and the soft mewing of hidden Fellkies all vie for your attention.

 Following the directions given to you, scribbled on the back of a month-old shipping manifest, you make your way to The Portman’s Call. A sign hangs above the front door, a lighthouse shining bright against the night’s sky emblazoned upon it, while a sign board on the road next to the inn advertises a well-priced ‘Sip and Sleep’ package. Inside the inn is a long bar for patrons to eat or drink at, or just query for a room for the night.
To the right is a roaring fireplace, bringing in much needed warmth to the dozen or so people enjoying it’s aura. The farther left you go the darker it gets, with only a few candle lamps keeping things visible. A shrouded figure sits in the back of this dark corner (because of course they do), and seems to be who you are looking for.

Osiris, the older avilli with an olive-brown face and his mana rune marked upon his forehead. You can see the sigil, stark white against the darker fur, peeking out from under a brown cowl. He’s enjoying a hot soup and a mug as you approach. He lowers his hood as you approach, and a network of scars adds many years to his face. “And who might you be?” He asks of you.

 Draw or write about your character in the Inn delivering the letter to Osiris. How do they approch the old avilli? Are they afraid of his grumpy and battle scarred looks?


This is part of a location questline!

Location questlines put your character directly into a story of that location. While the story is directed with each prompt, you still have different ways to address the situation!  Each part of the questline will unlock the next part for you to continue on your adventure! Be warned though, there may be dangers ahead so your kyvalorian better be prepared for the journey(and stat checks!).

Each step of the quest will reward you with bonus rewards, some of them exclusive to that questline. Once the questline is completed your character will earn a special badge showing it!

Your character must be in the location for your quest to be accepted.

Minimum Drawing Requirements:
1 fullbody character and an advanced background.
Minimum Writing Requirements:
1200 words

Please submit it with standard shard breakdown for your work.


Reward Amount
Ardglass Foraging 2
User EXP 25
Character EXP 25
A Spirited Call For Aid
Category: Ardglass
This prompt requires you to have completed You Met in a Tavern... 1 time.

You cannot view any details until you have completed the prerequisite.

Stall Hopping Shenanigans

’Tis the season for window shopping


The markets of Ardglass are busy year-round, but there’s something special about them as winter makes its presence known, the streets packed with Kyvalorians of all ages. They bundle themselves up against the cold to peruse the new stalls that spring up almost overnight, boasting all kinds of delights; candied nuts and hot chocolate, scarves knit from the softest wool Everdenn has to offer, rare books and artifacts unearthed from the depths of Durmur, glass baubles from Vitrun, and more. Eager shoppers browse rows of stalls, all decorated to display the best each merchant has to offer.

Draw or write about your character at one of the markets in Ardglass. What are they shopping for?

You may submit this quest once per character!

Drawing Requirements:

A partial body character and a basic background

Writing Requirements:

600 words minimum


Reward Amount
Ardglass Foraging 1
User EXP 10
Character EXP 10
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