Submission (#1984) Approved

27 October 2023, 15:47:47 PDT (3 months ago)
28 October 2023, 01:59:07 PDT (3 months ago) by Lawlie
Magical Beginnings:
Bonding with Light:

Claiming Intricate Setting for this but please feel free to remove if you feel it doesn't fit the bill!
Reward Amount
Sundrop Berry 1
Shards 5
Stat & Level Rewards
User Rewards
10 user EXP
0 user points
Character Rewards
25 character EXP
1 character points
Currency Reward Calculator

Writing - 52 Shards

Word Count: 1670
Personal Characters: 2
Unofficial NPC: 0
Pets: 0
Another Players Characters: 0
Official NPC: 0
Monthly Featured Character: Off
Intricate Setting: On
Thumbnail for Voxi-067: Asmira

Voxi-067: Asmira

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Avilli-072: Sati

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