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15 May 2022, 16:26:45 PDT (1 year ago)
16 May 2022, 18:45:27 PDT (1 year ago) by Wisparia
Selene struggles to gain passage to the Grave Isles. When she arrives, the whole island seems to want her gone...and yet, she is not allowed to leave. She finds herself in the center, facing a shadowy figure, and that figure urges her to touch the strange, rune-carved Stone before her. Selene TOUCHES THE STONE.

1684 words = 42 shards
Reward Amount
Shards 42
Stat & Level Rewards
User Rewards
25 user EXP
25 user points
Character Rewards
25 character EXP
1 character points

Bonus Rewards

User Rewards
No bonus user EXP
No bonus user points
Character Rewards
No bonus character EXP
No bonus character points

Thumbnail for Voxi-049: Selene

Voxi-049: Selene

Reward Amount
Overgrown Broken Skull (Awards) 1
25 EXP
1 Stat Point