Can be home to characters.

Within the Umbra Wilds, night reigns. This massive forest is the biggest in all of Kyvalore. It's trees are tightly packed together in most areas of the forest, and the canopy blocks out nearly all sunlight. One has to be careful to stay on the worn dirt paths or else easily find themselves lost. An uncountable amount of fauna and flora make their home in the Umbra Wilds. An unsettling amount of this life is dangerous to travelers, some extremely so. Stay true on the road, however, and you'll eventually find yourself looking up upon the city of Fayewood.

The city is situated close to the center of the Umbra Wilds, a wonderland of nightlights and magic. Fayewood holds itself high off the ground, hanging pathways and buildings nestled in each tree, like an interconnected web of society. Bright fireflies dance through the sky, evaporated magic made manifest in bouncing balls of multicolored illumination. The pathways and houses are still lit by many a lantern, for it is always after dark in Fayewood. This ever present collection of magic has made the town draw mages like, well, insects to a light, especially Spirit Magic users.

​This town also specializes in mystical goods, from spell shops to magical mercenaries and everything in-between. Some say it is very easy to hide yourself amidst the trees of Fayewood, if one day you find yourself on the run. Magic is not something to be ashamed of in the city, the people here are proud of their gifts and it is common to find others using their gifts day to day to make their life easier.

SCHOOLS OF MAGIC: Spirit & Earth

Associated Fauna