Sahmaron, the Xylophilus of Souls. A long, serpentine body holds an even longer tail, supported by three sets of powerful limbs tipped with sharp claws. A tall neck holds a keening face, eyes aflame with the same bright blue witch-fire that circles it's whole body like a processional of will-o'-wisps. This fire is especially crowded as an ever shifting spine along it's back, and again lighting the tip of it's tail like a torch. Large antlers the color of dead coral decorate it's head, one of which is broken in half in some long-forgotten event.

Much of Sahmaron itself is forgotten or unknown. No records hold marking of Sahmaron, and some long-lost myths only hint at such a creature's existence. We only know it's name from the fearful cries of the spirits, and even they are unable to give us more information than that. What we do know is that it hungers for souls, the souls of those spirits so afraid. And also for us, the souls of the living. We know it has awoken, and it is so, so very hungry.

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