Can be home to characters.

On the western coast of the Tellwik Tropics lies a city full of life, riches, and high class attitude. Unlike other cities, with sprawling countryside housing before reaching the city, everything that is part of Reim, lies behind a massive wall that is heavily guarded around the clock. Most say that it is guarded to protect from monsters of corruption lurking about, ready to strike, but most know it is to protect the riches of those that dwell here from pirates and thieves that sneak in hoping to strike rich quickly. A guarded entrance lies on each site of the cities walls with the north facing the Gloom Marsh, the east meeting crumbled ruins, south right into the deep of the tropics, and the west facing the docks.

The gate to the docks is the most trafficked by far. From travelers here to sight-see, traders docking to sell their wares to the wealthy, or simply the constant incoming and outgoing traffic of Reim's inhabitants it remains busy at all hours. 

Once within the cities walls, the streets are lined with perfectly structured sandstone buildings with intricately carved and rich colored wooden roofs. Torches lit with colorful flames and powered by mana line the streets and entrances to shops and buildings from large metal beams, while small water streams follow along the sides of the path. The farther you go into the town the higher you climb. Asecending until you reach the very center of the city, a large town square with ribbons and music and the feeling of festivals every day. This square still pales in comparison to what stands behind it. Beyond the square and overlooking the entire town stands the castle of Reim, the grandest building on all of Kyvalore.

Every creature that lives here is here for a purpose. Some come to Reim because they have inherited riches, others enter to trade their goods to the rich, and some enter in hoping to become rich by luck or sleight of hand. Most who do reside here however, tend to have a lean towards water magics and are Governed by the Princess of Reim, Morene, the city is run with the upmost of precision. Separating those who hold more riches to their own beautifully adorned district in the center of the city, down to the corners of town where you'll find those struggling, not even enough shards to buy passage on a boat to leave the island.

SCHOOLS OF MAGIC: Water & Arcane