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Hello Little Lights!

Welcome to my page on PR...

Session 0:

Knowledge is light

How long until it blinds you?


My main storyline will follow my sona through her journey. I plan to create a web of character bubbles in towns over Kyvalore as I go about these mini stories. Some characters will do quests in my canon, others will do them just to get them out of the way, and the submissions will not be in chronological order all the time. I plan on putting a guide to the timeline together once I have some more pieces to the puzzle. Feel free to read Aurore's story on her page, and check out my brother's characters too!


I'm a fantasy/xenofiction enthusiast. My discord is active and I don't mind you using my characters in pieces as long as the personality seems to match, so have at it. If you have any questsions or com requests feel free to message me wherever.



Find me on Ko-fi and Artistree!


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