Avilli-013: The Unknown

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First Impressions and Common Knowledge

A strange, cryptic, and curious Avilli scribe; what one is likely to note upon a first meeting is that they are almost always smiling, and they never disclose their name.  Instead, they introduce themselves as 'The Unknown', or 'That Which Is Not', regardless of the reaction they may get from others, but at least they seem to allow nicknames.

The Unknown typically seems amused about something or other, and is often either telekinetically writing in a book, or reading one.  500%, they're a weirdo nerd.  They're quite amiable to conversation though, and despite some of their odd behavior such as their fondness for abruptly speaking in riddles, seemingly writing down verbatim what people are saying while they're saying it, or occasionally rhyming as they speak (and being amused by it), they're often eager to help someone get what they want if asked.

The Unknown also always seems to perk up when magic is mentioned... It can be assumed they are either a mage, or hope to be one someday. 

They are a book-binder, tome-mender, and scribe by trade, and while the typical currency is always welcome, they will also take certain information, artifacts, or odd magical objects as payment, among other strange things.

  • They / Them
  • Intelligent, Curious, Well-Spoken
  • Friendly, Excitable, Amused
  • Odd, Obsessive, Cryptic, Mischievous

Example Hooks for RP or Interaction
  • Often lost.  It's easy to find them, basically, anywhere because of their awful propensity to end up where they aren't intending.  But likewise, if they have a destination they want to get to, they will often travel with someone else who does know how to get there.  S a v e  t h e m .

  • Open for business.  They will happily take any commissions for custom books (including spellbooks), scribe-work, or restoration of old texts!  Even when they aren't in their workplace.  Plus, they take ~weird things~ for payment; perfect.

  • Intense interest in Magic.  Who knows whether they actually are a mage or not, but boy, are they sure interested in magic.  They will talk about it, assist with it, or be an experiment for it!  It's fine!  ISN'T MAGIC WONDERFUL?  

  • They are  w a t c h i n g .  The Unknown takes notes on everything.  Even you!  ... Feel free to ask what they're writing in that big, creepy book of theirs, or confront them about it.

  • A giant nerd.  They really like books.  They really like libraries.  They really like puzzles.  They will study almost anything with rapt fascination, so if you are ALSO a nerd, they would love the company!  ... Alternatively, shoving them into a metaphorical locker is also acceptable.  (Though they may ask if it can be done again so they can note down extra data on one's reaction to the offer, and their response.)

  • ???  Why do they have tentacle / eye markings on them?  Why are they so giggly when asked about it? ... Are they ok?  ... Well, at the very least they seem to love questions. . .

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