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Chime is a pixie avilli with a fiery personality. Don't be fooled by her size. While she may be on the smaller size, what she lacks for in height, she makes up for in tenacity and resiliance. She won't go down without a good fight. Completely and utterly devoted to her girlfriend, Erilys, there isn't anything Chime wouldn't do for her. She can be considered quite rash and often acts or speaks before thinking. She has good intentions and while her heart may be in the right place, she has the tendenacy to go about things the wrong way.



Violace - To call this violet florennec a jerk would be putting it lightly, but he only acts that way towards Chime. He's a sweet and polite creature to everyone except for his owner. Chime rescued him from a band of poachers when he was young. Despite his gruff personality towards her, he holds Chime very close to his heart and does, on rare occasions, show her affection. Erilys thinks the small florennec is rather charming. Napping is his favority hobby and to disrupt one is nothing short of a crime.



Erilys - Chime and Erilys are the perfect couple. Her sweet and caring personality balances out Chime's feisty and rash one. She is absolutely treasured by the golden avilli. The duo share an unbreakable bond and Chime would move the enterity of Kyvalore for her. Erilys does a fantastic job at keeping Chime calm. Her speciality is getting her girlfriend to see the rational and logical side of things rather than let her emotions fuel her decisions.

Ilya - Chime knows of Ilya through Erilys. They were a packaged duo - Ilya is practically like a brother to the iridescent avilli. They get along well, but frequently butt heads due to their conflicting personalities. Ilya is way more rational and calm than Chime is and it often results in them not seeing eye-to-eye on things. The white and cream colored avilli's gaze makes Chime squirm. She has a tendency to feel like he's judging her too harshly and thinks he isn't quite fond of her. Erilys often mediates their interactions when the situation becomes too tense. However, Ilya is getting better at noticing when he's starting to push Chime too much and apologizes before things get taken too far.

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