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Winter Wonderland - Background


Kovick is a fully trained fire mage who was born and raised in the city of Durmur. He spent his childhood with his best friend, an avilli named Saint. The silver voxibell volunteers his time by rescuing kyvalorians who got lost while exploring the Shrouded Mountains. Sometimes his rescues don't always have happy endings, but he does what he can. Kovick has an abrasive personality and can sometimes be hard to get along with - he's not mean, just blunt and honest to a fault. If someone is doing something stupid that might hurt them, he's the first one to say something. He has a bit of a temper that is quick to flare up due to his strong sense of concern for others and their well-being. His good heart won't allow him to leave anyone in need. He can often be found scolding those he's rescued from the mountains if he discovers their situation was the result of a dumb decision. King of saying and pretending that he doesn't  care, but always slips up and shows that he's actually very sweet and just concerned for their safety.



Lila - Lila has been with Kovick ever since he was a young pup. When he was a child, the young voxibell got lost in a blizzard and was unable to find his way home. Lila was also separated from her herd due to the weather.  The duo miraculously ran into each other and were able to find shelter inside of a fallen tree until the storm had subsided. They were unable to locate the yuedre's herd for a couple of months, but when she was finally given the opportunity to return to them, she chose to remain by Kovick's side instead. He is always seen with her and they often pair up to go on rescue missions together. The yuedre has a gentle and sweet personality and tends to mother Fawn, Shiro, and Cole.

Fawn - Fawn is a frosthold yuedre that was rescued by Lila and Kovick after an unusual bought of rain swept through Durmur. She was grazing too close to a raging river and slipped, finding herself quickly being swpet away by the icy water. Lila was the one who spotted her and raised the alert to her owner. The two executed a joint operation to save the yuedre and were successful. They were able to get her back to their place and nurse her back to health upon finding that she had injured her leg in the accident. While she warmed up to Lila almost immediately, it took her a few days to learn to trust Kovick. Fawn has a very timid and skittish personality, often being the first one to run from any sign of danger. She's a "flee first, ask questions later" kind of girl. Shiro and Cole like to take advantage of this and prank her, but it never ends well for the duo when they're caught.

Shiro - Shiro is a snowdrop mirassel that Kovick ended up welcoming into his home because the tiny creature wouldn't stop following them around. While he was familiar with the concept of voxibells, Kovick's bravery impressed him and attracted his attention. Little does Kovick know, the mirassel was watching them while they were rescuing Fawn. Shiro has the personality of a playful little boy. He frequently gets into trouble due to his pranks, with Fawn or Cole often being on the receiving end of them. While Cole is normally his partner in crime, he won't pass up a perfect opportunity to play a trick on the unsuspecting gribble.

Cole - The snowy gribble showed up on Kovick's porch one night after a snowfall. He almost tripped over the poor creature when he was leaving his house due to Cole falling asleep right in front of his door. Not being the type of kyvalorian to turn away someone in need, Kovick invited him to live with them. Shiro and Cole connected instantly and are practically inseparable. Even though the gribble does seem to have some form of intelligence, he tends to let Shiro make decisions for him and boss him around.



Saint - Saint and Kovick have been best friends since childhood. 

Yutaka - Just like Jesse did for Kovick, he is teaching Yutaka fire magic. Yutaka can be a bit dense at times, making it a bit hard for the silcer voxibell to deal with him, but he manages. While Kovick doesn't mind that the avilli asks a lot of questions, he does wish that one day he will come to appreciate the value of silence.

Jesse - Kovick and Jesse get along really well, despite the latter being just a teenager. Jesse was his fire magic teacher and helped him work through his apprehensions with becoming a fire mage. 

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