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Seiun is a quiet voxibell who lives in the city of Runearyl. He has a level-headed personality and is a man of few words. Often found in his lab, he spends his spare time working on his alchemy projects and writing scholarly tomes. The voxibell is blunt to a fault and doesn't mince his words, believing that the truth should be told regardless of the consequences. 




Liat - The fellkei has been with Seiun ever since he was a young kitten. Seiun rescued him from a harsh storm that tore through Runearyl one night. He was found clinging to a branch in the middle of a raging river. Using his levitation magic, Seiun quickly rescued the helpless creature. Liat's favorite pastime is playing with leftover ribbon from his owner's projects.

Romeo - Romeo is a small mirassel with a big personality.  Loud and proud, he isn't afraid to show others who's in charge. The mirassel "adopted" Seiun on one of his expeditions and hasn't left his side since. He especially enjoys bossing Dianthus around. Liat is too big for the creature to bother and one well demonstrated yawn that shows off his fangs is enough to send him scurrying away in a panic.

Dianthus - Dianthus was a present from Seiun's deceased mother. The pale pink florennec is the brother of Bellis, Fei's florennec. Seiun's mother's florennec gave birth to a litter of pups right before her owner passed and his mother gave each of them a pup. Dianthus is more quiet and reserved than his brother, often preferring to read books with Seiun rather than go on dangerous adventures. However, if Seiun asked it of them, then he would gladly travel to the most hostile of lands. The two share a close bond with one another.



Fei - Fei and Seiun are childhood friends. Growing up with each other in the heart of Runaryl, the pair is often mistaken as brothers with the way they act with one another. Seiun is the more studious of the duo, preferring to spend his time working on his projects rather than going on explorations. 

Bugg - Seiun's new little roommate. The tiny avilli found his way into his house one day and hasn't left since. While Seiun gets along and tolerates the small creature, he's lost one too many sets of research notes due to his voracious appetite. 

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