Moth (Avilli Subtype)

Moth aviili are avilli that just appeared one day on Lynorre!

Residents of the city noticed something strange was growing in the highest branches of the Life Tree, and upon further investigation, they were cocoons! No one is quite sure what caused the moth avilli to show up, but many theorize it's due to the cooling weather and the beginning of Autumn.

One of the most unique things about moth avilli is their ability to produce moth silk! Due to this innate talent, and the nimble fingers that some moth avilli possess, many take a career in tailoring, weaving, or other garment making profession.
In other less common cases, some moth avilli use their silk to build large cocoon like homes in the trees of the forests across the world.

Moth avilli are generally on the smaller side of the standard avilli size, commonly are pixie size, and very rarely have an imp bodytype.

While an avilli only needs to have one(1) of the moth traits from a Moth Nectar potion to be considered under the moth subtype, most Moth avilli have at least two of the traits.

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