Wyvern (Voxibell Subtype)

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In the most north eastern part of Kyvalore, floats an island above the sea where vines, foliage and waterfalls cascade of the edges. An island thick with lush giant vegetation and at it's heart, a stronghold of a town called Runaryl where the wyvern voxibells have hidden themselves away for most of the new age of Kyvalore. Only recently was contact made between the wyvern voxibells and the rest of Kyvalore due to their fear of an ancient sickness that once plagued the land rising up again. After the course of time they have deemed it safe enough to begin venturing from their homeland to be a part of the greater Kyvalore.

Strangely enough, wyvern voxibells are only naturally born from the manapool lake in Runaryl. This lake works similarly to the life crystal in Lanris, but on a much smaller scale, perfectly befitting the self sustaining city that became of the isolated floating city. Wyvern traits (and the subtype) however can be shared with a bit of ancient magic found in a wyvern potion!

While wyvern voxibells are usually larger and can be much more intimidating then even a standard dire voxibell, they have been overall accepted into the greater society with only a few superstitious kyvalorians believing that the wyvern voxibells might bring with them their own form of ancient unwantings.

As voxibells do not normally have wings, wyvern voxibells are most notably recognized by the wings that most of them possess, however not all wyvern voxibells have these wings as you only need one wyvern trait on a voxibell to be considered wyvern.

The traits associated with the wyvern subtype are:

Forked Tongue
Harpy Wings
Double Fang
Wyvern Whiskers
Sprite Wings
Dragon Wings
Forked Tongue
Crowned Manabone
Raptor Claws

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