September Update - Birthday Goodies and Month of the Avilli

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NEW: scroll down for the autumn sudoku!


The crunch of leaves, the smell of rain, and the desire for a good cup of apple cider… It’s finally autumn!

Summer seasonal events are over and there are new a wide array of new autumn prompts to explore!

Emerging Autumn Life


Kyvalore is welcoming the new season!
All locations and seasonal prompts have been updated to new prompts! There’s a few returning prompts from the previous autumn, but plenty of new ones, so make sure you take a good looksie!

 Pukara have gone back to the seas as the air cools, but bakken are back out to play. You’ll want to keep an eye on your own things, or risk a bakken slipping in and stealing!

Athalie reports that another critter seems to have been popping up around Kyvalore though! It looks like the appeal of the season brought another out of hiding.
Can you find them and help Athalie collect info and discover another critter?
Help investigate these new findings in The Leafall Lookout !


Month of the Moth


With the coming of September, cocoons have begun to form in the life tree once more. The moth avilli have returned!
Some moth avilli are even emerging from their cocoons with new looks!
You can find these new traits on the encyclopedia under the moth trait section.

A few updates to moth avilli:
Moth avilli have a few changes to existing traits as well as the bundle of new traits.
The moth mane trait is being removed.
This trait merely created frustrations among players and wasnt constructive to try and mod by creating levels of how fluffy some things could be. This trait is being removed to allow freedom of fluff on such a main trait of avilli.
Any characters that have a moth mane trait will be getting the trait removed and will be granted a minor moth potion as compensation.

Moving on from moths, but still on the topic of manes, what about maneless?

Manes on avilli are such a staple, but it looks like some avilli recently have been found to have no mane at all, how strange!

New maneless trait for avilli!
Due to a mane being a staple feature of avilli this trait is rare! This is defined by no or very very small neck fluff on an avilli. Without this trait your avilli still must adhere to the regular mane standards.

Expect a few avilli sales this month featuring new and old moth traits!

Autumn Sudoku!

Looking for something fun to do? Give our Autumn Sudoku a try!

If you don't know how to play, here is a handy guide to get you started. Complete your puzzle and turn it in here for a prize!

Birthday Surprises!


Happy September! It’s my birthday month and I want to share the festivities with you!
Maybe chocolate cake or cheesecake wasn't your jam, what about funfetti?
Meet the funfetti gribble!
These gribbles can be found in birthday boxes that get sent out during your birthday month. If you want to receive a birthday box, please make sure that your birthday is set to viewable as that lets the site grant you your special present!


Looking for other ways to celebrate and share gifts with friends?
What about some wrapping paper to wrap up little gifts and send them on their way in the lost & found?
You can find wrapping paper in the general store to wrap up anything from items, currency, myos, and pets!
Currently it looks like the general store just has the autumn paper in stock, but I heard from a little kipin they have other styles of paper coming in the future!

Looking for more fun?

Keep an eye out this month!

Coming soon:
Autumn Harvest Hunt starts Sept 20th! 
Discord Trivia!

The Story Continues

 Havent gotten a chance yet to speak with Modeous about his magic discoveries? You still have time to cast your character into the dark and help decide the fate of Kyvalore in Memory of Mana.


This quest closes at the end of the month for casting your vote on the future of the world, but you will be able to gain a relic form in other ways in the future!

You can read about Relic forms, as well as see the requirements and examples here.


Seasonal Features


Ready for the next raffle? The next raffle is a little avilli designed by out own mod SeaCrest ! As always, give the raffle quest a look for how to enter and we'll see you in September to draw the winner!




You might find that some more items like mushrooms are now sellable! We've been keeping an eye on how selling flowers affected the shard income for players with the foraging and questing to make sure that the game still feels balanced.
Common flowers being sold now sell for 3 shards, but rare flowers and mushrooms can now be sold (as well as a few other minor things, so its worth it to check! We'll be keeping an eye out on how this affects the game before we adjust more items to be sellable. <3


Shop Rotations


Rhea, Fern, and Athalie are updating their shops today! Keep an eye out for their new stock for the start of the autumn season!


Additional Notes


I hope yall are as stoked for the autumn season as I am!
Its always my favorite season for lots of themed goodies, quests, and characters! As I’m sure you may have noticed there’s been a little bit of shifting on the staff team lately, and with it some slowdowns of approvals but it wont stay that way forever! As soon as I am able to set aside the time I will be opening up staff applications and guest artist applications as I’d love to send out the last full season in Kyvalore with a strong team to carry us forward!
Please excuse any slowness that may occur due to the short staff or training of new staff while we settle in! Once I get a new team settled in to help keep up on prompts I’ll be able to sweep back into all my backroom planning! Still so many things in store, just many things take so much time but I hope it’s all worth the wait!

Lastly, Hallow event is next month! I’m looking forward to all the scares and spooks that will be creeping into the world.

Thank you as always for sticking it out with us! We love having you here. <3< /span>




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