Sand Devil


The Whispering Sands are assuredly rough. Anyone familiar with traveling knows to bring plenty of water, shade, and supplies in order to trek any distance let alone in a desert. When traveling around the desert surrounding Vitrun however, there is an even greater danger than even those harsh elements. The sand devils. If one does not tread lightly, or prepare for a fight, or just end up unlucky, their life can be cut short by these slithering monsters. Thriving though the harsh climate using their enviroment to their advantage by moving quickly beneath the surface to ambush their prey.
The scales on their back can flare when they are on the surface and fold as needed to swim through the desert, which they can move through as easily as an Avilli through the air. If you're lucky, you can see the sand shift around them as they swim near the surface, though this usually is merely a few-seconds warning before their attack. Their diet primarily consists of sand skitters and lost travelers, though the necessary caravans who travel the desert are alluring prey to the sand devils, and attacked much more often than anyone would like or hope. On a rare occasion a Sand Devil might be so hungry or headstrong that Vitrun itself becomes it's feeding ground, the town needing to band together to drive it away and minimize damage and casulties.

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