Can be home to characters.

Vitrun is called the hidden jewel of the Whispering Sands, though the name is disingenuous, for the city is easy to find on any map, and in fact one of the largest in the region. The nickname is twofold. On the approach the city resembles a tent made for giants, for nearly every building is covered by a large canvas, flowing in the desert breeze. It protects the city and it's residents from the harsh light and heat, as well as the shifting sands. Passing inside, however, reveals the true jewel. Every building inside the canvas walls is made from pure, gleaming glass. Well placed holes in the canvas roof allow sunlight to light and reflect the shining architecture, not only providing more than enough light to the city but also creating a constant parade of shimmering rainbow patterns and light shows.

Those who live and make their living in Vitrun create works of art for their homes and shops to enhance this effect. The walls are decorated from the inside with large, intricate tapestries, providing privacy and yet more stunning works of art to a city brimming with artistic liberty and wonder. Situated as it is as a central hub of Whispering Sands, almost all who pass through the desert pass through the city of glass. Vitrun is largely a trade town, shops of all kinds lining the streets and selling not only food, water, or supplies, but all kinds of uniquely crafted art from the locals.

Those who live in Vitrun tend to be those with an affinity for fire magic, weaving the abundant sand into all kinds of shapes and purpose. The city was raised and grown in this way, protected by the canvas woven from carefully cultivated plant life growing around the few large water sources in Whispering Sands. All who know the desert know how harsh it can be, so it is not hard to find help within the canvas of Vitrun, whether that be a place to sleep or water to drink. Those who find their way here are almost always able to leave as prepared as they had set out, and continue on the path that life had set for them.


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